15 Best Cool and Trendy Beard Style for Men Collection 2019



Who doesn’t like to look well groomed all the time? Not only women but men also want to try different styles of their hair and beard. Yes! Different beard styles are in trend these days. Not only youngsters but middle-aged men also are trying different facial hair styles. You too can opt for beard shapes depending upon the cuts and shapes of your face type. If you are planning to keep the beard for the first time or if you are done with your old beard and want to try a new fresh look, have a look at these unique and best beard styles and look your best.


  • Cool beard style:


The cool beard style has a traditional or you can say royal look which is best for young men. This unique style of beard with the moustache looks amazing with the traditional and royal attires which are usually preferred by most of the stylish men.

  • Circle type beard:


This type of beard is also called as the French type beards. This style is mostly preferred by those who are fond of trying new styles which are very easy to grow. This style is not only simple and elegant but also very attractive if done on the right type of face.

  • Classic beard style:


This style of beard is meant for those who are looking for a unique style which is bold. This style looks so classy and can be easily adopted by any professional. These types of beard styles are also known as Verdi types beards.

  • Bold beard style:


This type of beard is also known as a full beard. This style has an executive look. This look goes perfect for those who have a square jawline. It covers the chin completely. This look is the favourite of most of the fashion and style lovers.

  • Long beard style:


This style has medium length thick full beard. It is opted by mature yet fashionable people, mostly preferred by Middle Aged men. This kind of beard is quite difficult to grow and maintain but can be kept by anyone.

  • Long hipster beard style:


This is a wild goatee style of beard for fearless and valiant men.  Those having a unique bold personality and working in rough and tough environment go for this particular type of beard.  This modern beard style has a long hipster type of cut that gives it a bold look.

  • Trendy short beard style:


This trendy and unique short beard is preferred by a unique type of personalities. Those who are very concerned about their looks, but want something easy to maintain and groom love this look the most.

  • Bushy beard style:


Try this bushy beard style which is a new style adopted by models. This style is trendy and also the symbol of manliness. This full and thick beard style is very much in trend these days.

  • Masculine beard style:


Take a look of this daring and bold kind of beard styles for men with a moustache. This is easy to maintain and easy to set. It can be chosen by an individual.

  • Exclusive beard style:


Here comes another striking beard style. These beards are short and thus are easy to groom which gives a neat and elegant look if chosen with suitable attire.

  • Unique beard style:


This is a distinctive style of beard to give you a brand new look. This look has a daring moustache. This beard is very easy to grow and maintain. Also, it can easily be set up and goes with any costume.

  • Fashionable beard style:


This style is a high-class style beard that has short hair on the cheeks. But the hair are longer and denser on the lower chin, which makes it deliver an entirely new style.

  • Professional beard style:


This unique and cool beard style gives the individual a classy professional look. This look is a simple and short style with a moustache but unattached to the beard.

  • Medium beard style:


Middle-aged men can try this kind of short but not so thick beards. They can also be grown with by those with grey hair as this style gives an enhanced maturity to one’s attitude.

  • Fullest beard style:


This full beard style has the beard fullest in its density. The long beard style has a flat cut in its edges that makes it look ethical.


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