Amazon Quiz Contest: [CORRECT ANSWERS] Updated 11 April 2019



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Check out the Amazon Quiz Contest Procedure and become one of the lucky Amazon Winners by participating in the Amazon Quiz 2019. Amazon Riddle 11 April 2019 along with the Answers 11-04-2019 are given below. Amazon Competition Answers for today are as follows:

Q1.: Who composed the famous classical music melody – ‘Fur Elise’?

Ans- Beethoven 

Q2.: Where is Fort William located?

Ans- Kolkata

Q3.: Rabindranath Tagore won the Nobel prize for Literature. Which of the following are NOT written by him?

Ans-  Meghadutta

Q4.: The term ‘Mankading’ has been in the news recently. Which field is it associated with?

Ans-  Sports

Q5.: Which Indian sportswoman recently had a Barbie doll designed to look like her, as part of Barbie’s ‘role model’ program?

Ans- Dipa Karmakar



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