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Area 51 is an area located in the Nevada Test and Training Range that carries a lot of secrets inside it. This area is a known to be a salt flat situated next to the airfield of United States Air Force range, which is also known as Homey Airport or Groom Lake. USAF (United States Air Force) acquired the site in 1955 for flight testing an aircraft and since then, the area is used secretly for the development and testing of experimental aircraft and weapons.

The place has not been declared a secret base but all the researches and testing in the region are top secret and sensitive. So the intense secrecy of the area has brought in light, a number of conspiracy theories including the beliefs of the place being a central component to Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO).

As the area has been kept under the wraps for a long time, the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) acknowledged the existence of the base and made a freedom of information request. The theories about the place suggest that the region is a secret alien base where almost half of the employees are from outer space and there are many UFOs hidden inside.

This conspiracy came into lime light when an ex-Physicist, Robert Lazar, in an interview, claimed on working on a project in Area 51. He claimed to have worked on an alien flying saucer. The aliens came from the fourth planet of the binary stellar system and the saucer used a unique element as fuel. The element though was a source of gravity-A wave but the propulsion of the wave would make the flying saucers invisible. But when an attempt to verify this, was done, nothing was found.

It is also said that NASA used the region to stage fake moon landings in 1969 to win the space race against Soviet Union. The main evidence as the proof of the fake landing is that the American flag appeared to be moving despite the fact that there is no wind on moon.

The area has also been accused of being the death site of two workers who died due to illness caused after working there. They were said to be exposed to some hazardous smoke but the government refused to even accept the existence of Area 51 at that time. When the bodies of the workers were taken for biopsy, no such effect of any foreign substance was recognized.

The secrets being the secrets, let us know what you think about it.



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