Assembly Work Station for you- How to Make an Assembly Work Station


As the need for the assembly work stations has increased rapidly to fast the production process which results in the growth of the business itself. So today, we are taking you through the mechanism of how to build your own assembly workstation in simple and basic steps. If you follow the process you can make an assembly work station for the production purpose which would definitely result in the growth of your business.

Make an Assembly Work Station

  • Base frame for Work Station– The first step to build an assembly work station is to select the base frame which should be done very carefully as it is the foundation of the whole process. The frame size depends on the work area which depends on the requirement of the area to perform the assembly tasks. The floor should be large enough for the activity area but compact enough for reaching to another side easily. Also know the maximum capacity required for shelving, equipment, and components for the work station as the excessive weight in the work station would require a large capacity frame. And if it will be operated by multiple users then there should be enough space for that so it would be comfortable to use. There is one more thing to keep in mind is that it should be operated electrically for height purposes if required.
  • How to select the Caster/Feet type– It totally depends on the movement of the workstation in the work area so casters are preferred for frequently moving assembly work stations otherwise leveller’s feet are used for stable units. Lag plates are used to attach the leveller feet to bolt the work station with the floor. Also, evaluate the weight of the station to distribute properly so the stability of the unit shouldn’t be affected.
  • Work Surface Type– Choose the work surface for an assembly station wisely as enough space should be available to perform the tasks on the assembly work station to increase the production process but should be closer to reach the essential parts. Also, the sitting or standing position of the operator should be kept in mind as a rolled front edge is comfortable and increases the efficiency of the employee. The laminate worksurfaces are recommended for the long duration and cheap costing which is also a profitable factor. But hardwood surfaces are also in demand as they also have a long life and helpful in removing shallow scratches but avoided for humid areas. Some company also use stainless steel for the chemical-based assembly process.
  • Accessories– To increase the productivity of the work station right tools and accessories should be added to the station. These tools and components totally depend on the requirement of the operator for utilizing the shelves and bin rails properly which increases the productivity of the work station. Proper lighting is recommended for the operator to reduce to avoid mishappening while working. The use of a power strip is also necessary to access the tools and computer equipment easily for the comfort of the operator.
  • Customization– The steps we have discussed for the assembly work station are basic but don’t apply everywhere as different purpose need different solutions. Means easy and affordable customizations are recommended for the specific purpose for the successful work stations like adding more functions to the design to fill the requirement of the company.

So these are the basic steps to build an Assembly Work Station for a general production unit. However, if you are in Faridabad, then, you should better visit a professional as there is one, Tej Autosystem Pvt. Ltd in IMT, Faridabad. They are one of the best in the manufacturing the conveyor belts, and Assembly work stations, Belt conveyor, Inclined conveyor, Roller conveyor and follows with other useful products to meet the purpose of yours in IMT, Faridabad by the established name ‘Tej Autosystems Pvt. Ltd.

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