Aur ye humari pawri ho rahi hain


Ye___ hain, ye__hain, aur yaha humari pawri ho rahi hain. By now something funny has definitely come up to your mind to fill the blank gaps in the phrase. Recently these lines have become very popular because of the viral video of a Pakistani girl. This video has not just reached us but also touched the mood of our Bollywood celebs, Politicians, Doctors as well to share their mood too. No doubt they are funny and brought laughter to us.

Not going into too many details, it was a random video made by Dananeer Mobeen, a Pakistani resident on her way back with her friends from a hill station and she posted it on her social page without any serious thought. It got the attention of Yahraj Mukhate, a Mumbai based music composer who musically edited the whole video and shared it on his youtube channel, thus leading to massive popularity. From there onwards the video spread contagious energy of laughter and motivation almost everybody to make their own versions of the same phrase to share on their respective social media accounts of Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. No wonder there might be a study going on in Harvard or Oxford University to know the reason behind the success of this video as the same happened for the picture of an egg when it went viral on Instagram a few years back. And who knows, next to the word ‘PAWRI’ get international recognition in the dictionary and when you type on google about the same it would say, ‘it is a synonym for the party in Pakistan & India introduced by an Instagram Social influencer Dananeer Mobeen.’

Honestly speaking I had nothing to do with the video but when things get viral unnecessarily and you get to see them around everywhere, it becomes a distraction for real issues. I wouldn’t start the lecture now on what to do and don’t, it is just my take on the insignificant use of social media platforms where for the sake of popularity and entertainment people are doing anything and losing their sanity with the hope that they might get the same response. To which I say, you could a lot better than imitating others as there is beautiful and worthy life outside as well.


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