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Unlock- Ballabgarh Bus Stand Time Table 2020 Updated from hartrans.gov.in is Given Below

BallabgarhAligarh05.00 AM
BallabgarhAlwar06.40 AM
BallabgarhAmritsar06.00 AM
BallabgarhBulandshahar07.30 AM
BallabgarhChandigarh03.20 AM
BallabgarhChandigarh03.35 AM

BallabgarhChandigarh04.00 AM

BallabgarhChandigarh04.20 AM

BallabgarhChandigarh04.35 AM

BallabgarhChandigarh04.50 AM

BallabgarhChandigarh05.40 AM

BallabgarhChandigarh06.20 AM

BallabgarhChandigarh07.00 AM

BallabgarhChandigarh07.15 AM

BallabgarhChandigarh08.50 AM

BallabgarhChandigarh09.50 AM

BallabgarhChandigarh10.12 AM

BallabgarhChandigarh12.00 Noon

BallabgarhChandigarh12.15 PM

BallabgarhChandigarh12.40 PM

BallabgarhChandigarh04.00 PM

BallabgarhDharmshala18.30 PM
BallabgarhFatehabad10.10 AM
BallabgarhHaldwani08.30 AM
BallabgarhHamirpur20.00 PM
BallabgarhHaridwar20.30 PM
BallabgarhHisar09.45 AM
BallabgarhHisar13.30 PM (Via Jhajjar)

BallabgarhHisar13.40 PM (Via Jhajjar)

BallabgarhHisar03.10 AM (Via Jhajjar)

BallabgarhHisar04.00 AM (Via Jhajjar)

BallabgarhJaipur05.20 AM
BallabgarhJaipur05.40 AM

BallabgarhKatra16.45 PM
BallabgarhRishikesh20.30 PM
BallabgarhShimla07.15 AM (Via Delhi)
BallabgarhBaijnath15.45 PM
BallabgarhHansi12.10 PM
BallabgarhHansi13.20 PM

BallabgarhHansi14.30 PM

BallabgarhPanchkula03.25 AM
BallabgarhPanchkula04.40 AM

BallabgarhAmbala04.35 AM
BallabgarhAmbala05.35 AM

BallabgarhAmbala06.00 AM

BallabgarhAmbala06.30 AM

BallabgarhYamunanagar04.20 AM
BallabgarhKaithal13.35 PM
BallabgarhHathin07.00 AM
BallabgarhHathin16.30 PM

BallabgarhHathin17.35 PM

BallabgarhHathin17.50 PM

BallabgarhNarnaul06.00 AM
BallabgarhTosham12.00 Noon (Via Jhajjar)
BallabgarhBhiwani13.00 PM (Via Jhajjar)
BallabgarhBhiwani14.00 PM (Via Jhajjar)

BallabgarhSirsa03.10 AM
BallabgarhBarwala12.40 PM
BallabgarhJind14.20 PM
BallabgarhGohana12.40 PM
BallabgarhKharkhoda13.35 PM
BallabgarhSohna05.20 AM
BallabgarhSohna05.40 AM

BallabgarhSohna06.00 AM

BallabgarhSohna06.30 AM

BallabgarhSohna11.30 AM

BallabgarhSohna12.00 Noon

BallabgarhSohna16.30 PM

BallabgarhSohna17.00 PM

BallabgarhDelhi ISBT05.00 AM
BallabgarhDelhi ISBT05.30 AM

BallabgarhDelhi ISBT06.00 AM

BallabgarhPataudi15.00 PM
BallabgarhPataudi16.00 PM

BallabgarhGurugram/ Gurgaon14.00 PM To Rohtak
BallabgarhGurugram/ Gurgaon14.20 PM To Rohtak

BallabgarhGurugram/ Gurgaon14.50 PM To Rohtak

BallabgarhGurugram/ Gurgaon15.10 PM To Rohtak

BallabgarhGurugram/ Gurgaon16.30 PM Via Nuh, Sohna

BallabgarhPunhana16.00 PM
BallabgarhPingawa17.00 PM
BallabgarhHodal16.45 PM
BallabgarhMathura09.30 AM
BallabgarhMotuka16.30 PM
BallabgarhMaujabad17.00 PM
BallabgarhMajhawali17.00 PM
BallabgarhYamuna Pull15.00 PM
BallabgarhYamuna Pull15.30 PM

BallabgarhYamuna Pull16.00 PM

BallabgarhYamuna Pull17.00 PM

BallabgarhJhajjar12.00 Noon To Tosham
BallabgarhJhajjar13.00 PM

BallabgarhJhajjar14.00 PM To Bhiwani

BallabgarhRohtak14.00 PM
BallabgarhRohtak14.20 PM

BallabgarhRohtak14.50 PM

BallabgarhRohtak15.10 PM

About Ballabgarh Bus Stand

Ballabgarh bus stand is the main bus stand at Faridabad, Haryana from where you can depart to the major cities in Haryana and most of the parts in up, Rajasthan, Uttrakhand, Himachal Pradesh etc. at a very convenient and affordable fare. The bus quality and comfort of Haryana roadways are good to travel. my experience of travelling in Haryana roadways is a little bit better than any other roadways.

The Haryana Roadways drivers drive the bus comfortably and also they reach their destination on committed time. you can also travel in Haryana roadways and can share your experience with us.

The busses from Ballabgarh to UP, Punjab, Chandigarh, Panchkula, Himachal, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Jammu, Katra, Jaipur  Etc are Available from Ballabgarh bus stand.



Passengers are notified to verify the latest time table from bus station enquiry before going.

Bus Stand Enquiry No. 0129-2446688

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