Beauty Kit Under Rs 5000 for Wedding and Parties

Makeup Kit Under 5000


The most basic, and simple makeup kits are made by many companies but the most preferred, and best makeup kit, which is pocket-friendly, is the “basic MAC makeup kit” which includes pair of primer and cc foundation, and compact with a pair of foundation brush, set of eye shadows, and with one shade of concealer.

As MAC is recognized as one of the best brands in beauty industry, and which is mostly famous for its pocket-friendly prices, this basic MAC makeup kit would cost around 4000-5000 rupees with additional benefits such as, the cc foundation blends easily and doesn’t leave any patches, it’s foundation brush is so soft it does not go hard on skin and is very easy to use, the concealer spreads evenly and it easy to use, and comes with a protected plastic sheet which prevent the product from damage; coming to eye shadows there are ten different shades with a soft eye brush plus with an additional flexibility to add and subtract the product according to one’s need, such as it is mostly seen that consumers subtract the wide variety of eye shades from the kit instead thy prefer adding a variety of lip shades and eye pencils to their kit.

And the most attractive feature about the product is that the consumer has the choice to modify their products and kits according to their needs without adding a heavy cost to it. The kit is very convenient to carry and is the best combination of quality and affordable prices. All products of MAC celebrates the individuality of women and encourage to empower them.

This product got 4.5 stars rating on the Nykaa app and got the best reviews on other online shopping apps. It is a complete package of beauty with the best of the price.


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