Best 15 Sanskrit Tattoo Designs for Men and Women

Sanskrit Slokas for Tattoo


Indian body art has been very popular since ages. And nowadays, people are using their bodies as a canvas, painting it with their choice of ink and colours. Different languages, fonts and designs are creating buzz. Our ancient Sanskrit language is also admired by people for different mantra tattoos.  The beautiful Sanskrit language, its ancient concepts and fonts must be understood properly before getting encrypted. So if you’re new to this tattoo thingy and want to wear something small but unique, Sanskrit tattoos are just your thing. Even if you want something exquisite or maybe design to define your state of mind, go for it with your eyes closed.

Sanskrit tattoos, these days have found so much attraction that even those who are not natives, want to get them inked. Have a look at some of the amazing and famous Sanskrit tattoos along with meanings.

The Gayatri Mantra Tattoo –


Gayatri Mantra tattoo is the most pious tattoo one can get. The mantra has its reference in various Vedas and Puranas and has a divine meaning.

Om Tattoo –


Om is the most important icon in the Hindu religion. Enchanting the spiritual word gives immense peace to your mind. This is the best Sanskrit word for tattoo.

Padma Tatoo Design-


The word ‘Padma’ meaning Lotus symbolises the beauty of something that has risen from tough and difficult times. This tattoo will give you an appeased look.

Annugacchatu Pravaha Tattoo –

Annugacchatu Pravaha Tattoo

Annugacchatu Pravaham means go with the flow. This will always give you the motivation to be strong in all situations being one of the best Sanskrit quotes tattoos.

Tat Parivartan Bhava Tattoo–


Tat Parivartan Bhava means ‘be the change you wish to see’.

Fearless –


Abhaya means fearless. You can stay string with this tattoo or if you are strong enough, you can show your strength to others.

Breathe –


Dhasini means “Breathe”. This is the cutest tattoo one can go for.

Ahimsa –


Ahimsa means “cause no harm” or “do no harm”. You can get this unique and beautiful tattoo on your body.

Sankalp –


Sankalp means conviction. Get this cute tattoo on your wrist.

Aham Brahmasmi –


Aham Brahmasmi means “I am Brahmin”. One can try this unique tattoo for yourself.

Smriti –


Smriti means something which is remembered. Get this beautiful and unique font style for your next tattoo.

Prana –


Prana means breath which is a life-giving force. You can go for this beautiful tattoo without giving a second thought.

Asmi –


Asmi means “I am” which shows your strength.

Matru Pitru Devo Bhava –


This quote means to consider your mother and father as God. This is one of the most beautiful Sanskrit shlok tattoo.




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