Best Christmas decoration items that you should buy

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Best Christmas decoration items that you should buy- It’s on 25th December! Time for all the jingles to bell, and time to welcome Jesus on his birth; it’s Jesus’s birthday time to celebrate and decorate for Jesus’s birthday bash. We need the best of things to decorate for the Lord’s birthday. So the best Christmas decoration items are viz.

  1. Xmas tree:

The most old school and most beautiful Christmas decoration is Xmas tree which is symbol of arrival of Christmas and spread happiness.

  1. Fairy:

There are lot of beautiful decorations on Xmas tree such as the fairy on top of the Xmas tree is one of the oldest decoration and it is said that the fairy guards our happiness from the top of the Xmas tree


  1. Santa:

Santa is one of the most oldest decoration on the Xmas tree which is considered as the messenger of god, which brings us gifts and happiness on behalf of the lord, he is considered to spread happiness to the one who are sad and rejoice the name of holy spirit.

  1. Red and golden balls:

Balls on Xmas tree it signifies that everything will come to an end all the sins, all the happiness will come to an end one day and nothing last forever.


  1. Snow deer:

They are the most important and most ancient decoration of Christmas, they are considered as the vehicles of Santa, as the carols suggests “jingle bell jingle bell jingle all the way, Santa is coming around riding on his slate” and it is believed that the slate was pulled by snow deers.


  1. Socks:

Socks is also one of the famous decoration it indicates that at Christmas eve when everyone is asleep Santa sneaks in the house and keep their gifts in the socks and all the members seeks Santa’s gift as lord’s blessing.


  1. Apostles’ creed

It is also one of the ancient decoration which is the stable and the place where Jesus Christ was born with mother Mary and joseph who is Jesus’s father and the magi who were the three wise men, who came to meet the lord. It is shown my making a stable with hay and at midnight 24th December baby Jesus is been placed in creed.


  1. Holy star:

The holy star which is mostly placed on the entrance of the gate which signifies the invitation to the holy spirit to visit their houses and bless them with their holy heart


  1. Candle stands and candles:

Silver plated candle stands and beautiful candles are one amongst the decoration.


  1. Lights& ferry lights:

Beautiful lights and ferry lights are been plugged in honor of the lord and to welcome baby Jesus.


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