Best Hair Care Tips for Holi 2019

Best Hair Care Tips for Holi


Holi, the festival of vibrant colours is around the corner. It is the buoyant festival where everyone is in the mood of some fun and frisk. Though you want to be drenched in colours on this day, it is extremely important to take measures to protect yourself from toxic colours.

In the older times, Holi was played with natural colours made from flowers and herbs. But these days, harmful, toxic and inorganic colours are used to play. We forget that the fun we are having right now can cost us a bit high. The harmful colours can ruin our hair and skin post celebration. As the organic colours are difficult to get, what makes sense is to safeguard our skin and hair from any damage caused by Holi colours.

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The colours we play with are made up of dyes, chemicals, engine oil, diesel, acids, mica, glass powder and alkalis which can damage our hair very badly. The colours can make our hair dull and brittle and may even cause dermatitis, a scalp condition which causes redness, irritation and burning of the scalp. We must keep in mind, the skin and hair care tips for Holi.

Given Below Are A Few Holi Tips For Skin And Hair Care. Following These Can help You Enjoy The Festival To The Full.

1) Oil Your Hair Thoroughly:

Hair Care Tips for Holi

Apply oil to your hair length about an hour before you play Holi so that the oil penetrates throughout the length of your hair and into the scalp. Oil resists the colour from seeping into your hair, making it easier for the colour to be removed. The oil also acts as a shield by providing protection from harmful effect of chemicals and dirt and prevents the dryness and frizz. Thus the oil covering protects the hair from the exposure of sun and harmful colours. You can use coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil or whatever is available with you.

2) Try To Cover Your Tresses:

Hair Care Tips for Holi

Try to tie up your hair in a bun, ponytail or a braid, to minimize the contact with harmful colours. You can also cover your hair with a scarf or bandana to protect it from the damage.

3) Lemon Juice Massage:

Hair Care Tips for Holi

If you have a sensitive skin and scalp, you can apply a few drops of lemon juice to your scalp and massage lightly with your fingertips. The citric acid in the fruit will help in protecting your scalp from any infection or allergies caused by the toxic colours.

4) Shampoo Your Hair The Right Way:

Hair Care Tips for Holi

First, rinse your hair thoroughly with plain water so that all the dirt, dry colours, chemicals and other particles come out easily. Then apply a mild shampoo on your hair, massage your hair and scalp gently and leave the shampoo in for about 5 minutes. This will dissolve all dust and colours stuck to your hair and scalp. Rinse out the shampoo with cold water and apply a rich leave in conditioner to retain the moisture lost due to the harsh colours. If your hair is still feels dry and lifeless, oil it again and leave it overnight.

5) Hair Mask and Conditioner:

Hair Care Tips for Holi

Cleanse and condition your hair properly. Go for a hair spa after 2 to 3 days so that the damage done to your hair texture can be treated. You can even make the natural hair spa mask at home and apply it to your hair to get back that lustre. Take an egg, half a banana, a tbsp honey, 2 tbsp curd and 2 tbsp olive oil. Mix the ingredients in a mixer and apply it to your scalp for half an hour and wash thoroughly with a mild shampoo. Your tresses will again feel lively.

To give your hair its moisture back, you can also go for another hair mask. Take 2 tbsp of olive oil, 4 tbsp of honey and a few drops of lemon juice. Mix them well and apply this mask on your hair. Let it settle for 20-30 minutes and rinse it off with a mild shampoo.

6) Hydrate Your Skin And Scalp:

Hair Care Tips for Holi

Drink lots of water and juices to keep your body hydrated. This will give an inner, natural glow to your skin. If you do not drink sufficient amount of water, it can cause your hair to get dry and become more sensitive towards the harsh colours.


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