Body Art of Hindu God: Lord Shiva Tattoos, Trishul Tattoos & Dambroo Tattoos with Latest designs 2022


Here are the latest body arts or Tattoos of Hindu God Shiva with Trishul and Damroo in 2022

Body art in India has been present way before the west which could be easily seen in our ancient texts. Well at that time it has its own importance and meaning for them but now the trend of body art is back again with whole new meaning and expressions. Usually it is seen on the body of sanyasi’s and sadhu’s in pilgrimages like Varnasi and Haridwar but youth of our country couldn’t stayed away from this body art culture. Youngsters today love to flaunt body art and tattoos on their body of their favourite gods and one of the popular among them is Lord Shiva. So below are the latest body designs or tattoos for you.

Mahakal Tattoos, Trishul Tattoos, Shivlinga Tattoos


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