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Chandigarh to New Delhi Train Time Table 2019 Updated by indiarailinfo.in

Train NoNameDeparture Stn (Time)Arrival Stn (Time)Total Time
12046Chandigarh New Delhi ShatabdiChandigarh (12:00)New Delhi (15:20)3h 20m
19308Chandigarh Indore Junction Bg ExpressChandigarh (19:10)New Delhi (23:15)4h 5m
12450Goa Sampark K ExpressChandigarh (01:30)New Delhi (05:55)4h 25m
12218Kerla S KrantiChandigarh (08:55)New Delhi (13:25)4h 30m
22686Yesvantpur Junction S Kranti ExpressChandigarh (03:15)New Delhi (07:50)4h 35m
02686Chandigarh Yesvantpur Junction S F SpecialChandigarh (03:15)New Delhi (07:50)4h 35m
04032Chandigarh Delhi ExpressChandigarh (14:15)Adrsh Ngr Delhi (20:17)6h 2m
13008U A Toofan ExpressChandigarh (05:10)New Delhi (06:30)1h 20m
12006Kalka Shatabdi Chandigarh (06:53)New Delhi (10:25)3h 32m
12012Kalka ShatabdiChandigarh (18:23)New Delhi (21:55)3h 32m
22456Kalka Snsi Superfast Express Chandigarh (19:40) New Delhi (23:30)3h 50m
22458Una Himachal Nanded Superfast Express Chandigarh (19:08)New Delhi (23:20)4h 12m
12058New Delhi JanshtbdiChandigarh (07:33) New Delhi (12:00)4h 27m
12312Kalka MailChandigarh (01:10)Adrsh Ngr Delhi (05:38)4h 28m
22926Paschim ExpressChandigarh (11:20)New Delhi (16:25)5h 5m

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About Chandigarh

Chandigarh is flanked by the territory of Punjab toward the north, the west and the south, and by the province of Haryana toward the east. It is viewed as a piece of the Chandigarh capital locale or Greater Chandigarh, which incorporates Chandigarh, and the city of Panchkula (in Haryana) and urban areas of Kharar, Kurali, Mohali, Zirakpur (in Punjab). It is found 260 km (162 miles) north of New Delhi, 229 km (143 miles) southeast of Amritsar.