Christmas Week 2019- Party Dresses and Songs

Christmas Party Dresses


As it’s December and it’s party season and when it comes to Christmas parties which means it’s time to add jingles to our dresses and our party songs. So here are the most famous and trendy dresses and songs of the year.

  1. The Santa dresses:

As Christmas is the festival related to Santa so there are many dresses out in the market which are based on the look of Santa. Such as Ariana Grande brand launched such dresses which are available at Amazon and H&M

  1. Gown:

Gowns are evergreen dress for Christmas which is mostly worn during the prayer service at midnight

  1. Jumpsuits:

Jumpsuits are also very common dress for Christmas as it is very easy to carry and one can style it with stylish overcoats and jackets which protects one from cold and add on a stylish look.

  1. One piece:

It is also very famous dress which looks very stylish and elegant and can be styled with long woolen boots, scarfs which looks stylish plus protect one from the striking cold.

  1. Ethnic clothes:

The never-ending fashion for ethnic clothes saree, suit and kurta always has a place in every Indian festival.

  1. Suits:

The best dress for males is suit and trousers which add and attractive appearance to the person meanwhile keep them warm

Songs for Christmas Week

There are different types of songs for Christmas but the most famous and preferred are Christmas carols and songs with high bases such as jingle bells, twelve days of Christmas, Happy Xmas (War is Over), we wish you a merry Christmas.

Mostly Christmas is celebrated in old traditional ways where one attends the church and sing carols around to wish everyone a Merry Christmas; all these clothing and songs are secondary one should celebrate the birth of holy spirit and should serve his teachings.

Merry Christmas.


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