Conveyor belts for your Business in IMT, Faridabad


It is not an easy job to select a conveyor belt for your business as there is a variety of products available to serve the purpose. So today you might get an answer to your question as we will take you to the types of conveyor belts present in the market. First of all, the material of the belt is very important for the success of the application as the poor product will affect the process and safety. There are generous purpose belts used in mining and milling industries to handle bulk materials.  Grocery stores use PVC Conveyor belts, airport use neoprene, polyester or rubber for baggage handling. These belts are designed for high or low friction levels and bulk-handling structuring to work under extreme temperatures.

Then comes Plastic Belting and Chain, light in weight and durable in strength, most commonly used in food production, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing units. Hinged metal belts and Woven Wire belting is also is very common in use for different purposes and very much in demand in different industries. Flat Wire belting is economical to use, also in demand for food handling as it is very good for drying food.

Beltless magnetic uses moving magnets beneath stationary plates. This is done to move magnetic materials for machinery scrap.

Mentioned above are the types of Conveyor Belts and below is the most suitable place for your choice.

These are some of the most commonly known Conveyor belts being used in various industries and for different purposes. If you find any of them fit for your business then you should connect with Tej Auto Pvt. Ltd. In IMT, Faridabad. They are working in the manufacturing of Conveyor belts for a long time and earned a good name for themselves for their products. Tej Auto Pvt. Ltd. offer a wide range of products like roller conveyors, inclined conveyors, PCB, and other belts which might be of your use.

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