Covid-19 Scam & Fraud Calls- How Can You Avoid It.


As the nation is fighting against the Covid-19 havoc, the circumstances are worsening with the lack of oxygen cylinders, availability of hospital beds for the treatment of the patients. Though the country has received aid from the outside to stand against the covid-19 our own people have chosen to betray by doing illegal activities like black marketing of the oxygen cylinders or selling fake medicines. This betrayal has also added to the panic for the patients which made us think twice before asking for help in these tough times by sharing our contact information on any help-giving platform.

When we seek help regarding the availability of oxygen cylinders or the hospital bed we are required to share our contact information which can also put us into a scam or fraud. So to deal with these Scamsters we have come by a Doosra option means it an online service called Doosra which allows you to generate a secondary mobile number for your use in these difficult times. Now instead of sharing your personal number, you can share this secondary number for text or voice calls and it only requires an Indian mobile number regardless of any extra SIM.

Though it is a paid service we all know the value of our private information which we are sharing carelessly in these difficult times to unknown people for help to fight the Covid-19. Even if you volunteer to help covid-19 patients you require to contact countless unknown people to gather information which unknowingly putting your contact information in danger for any misuse in the digital world.

So it would be safe to share this secondary number instead of your private one. Here, all the numbers in your phone get blocked by default, and the text messages sent to the second number are stored in the app itself. But you have the option to add a ‘trusted number’ which whitelist the contact and you can receive their calls. The Doosra app uses your phone number and your location to route your calls which assures the privacy of your number. It uses an intermediate cloud telephony system that allows you to call your secondary number with a limit of 100 minutes every month.

We hope you find this app and service beneficial for you then go to and get the subscription as per your comfort. Use your phone number to register and you get an OTP which will generate a secondary number for you. Their subscription fees range from Rs. 200 to Rs. 5000 where you can choose your plan accordingly. Then you can create an account with your name, email, and password for your use in the future and you can download the Doosra app on your phone to use it further. So if you know the value and sensitivity of your personal information then you can check out this app for your use.

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