Delhi to Jaipur Toll Tax Price Updated online NHAI.GOV.IN

Delhi to Jaipur Toll Tax


Delhi to Jaipur Toll-Tax Price Updated online From NHAI.GOV.IN are Below

Delhi to Jaipur Toll Tax for (Car, Jeep, Van)

Toll Name Single Rate
(Car, Jeep, Van)
UP Down Rate
(Car, Jeep, Van)
Shahjahanpur Toll135200
Manoharpur toll6595
Daulatpura toll5580
Kherki daula toll6595

Delhi to Jaipur Toll Tax for (Bus, Truck)

Toll NameUp Down Rates
Shahjahanpur Toll705
Manoharpur Toll340
Daulatpura Toll285
Kherki daula Toll340

Discover what number of toll squares/toll entryways you will experience for venture out from Delhi to Jaipur via vehicle, transport, truck or LCV. Discover what is the all-out toll charges/toll cost you will pay for this excursion. You can likewise locate the all-out separation, term and outing cost of your adventure. Additionally, locate the most minimal fuel cost for Petrol and Diesel in Delhi and Jaipur. Look down underneath and trust that the guide will download completely to see the toll cost and course subtleties.

Route OverView From Delhi to Jaipur

Good ways from Delhi to Jaipur by street is 281.16 KM; travel term/time required is 4 hours 55 mins with a normal speed of 5.71 km every hour, to travel absolute separation of 281.16 KM. There are absolute 4 number of Toll Gates/Plaza between Delhi to Jaipur and all-out toll cost will be Rs 320. for car, jeep, van.

Utilize our Trip cost mini-computer to check your all-out fuel utilization and absolute fuel cost alongside complete toll cost.

To design your outing, you can utilize our street separation between adding machines to discover the separation between two urban areas/puts by street/vehicle.



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