Dino James: The Singer Who Took Perfect Revenge From His Ex by His lyrics! Mustlisten



Dino James, born on 12 November 1991, is a 27 years old famous Youtube Hindi rapper who has just boomed with his amazing rap. Youngsters are loving his songs. His Youtube channel has crossed over 9 lakh subscribers. He will be seen performing in movies soon. He is becoming popular with each passing day. He has his own style of rap.

He belongs to a small village in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.


Born in a Christian Family, not much is known about his parents as they live in a small village called Ghoradongri, and his father works as an Electric Contractor.

Dino James is a new rising rapper who he struggled a lot in Mumbai. When nothing went his way, he endured depression, and later decided to go back to his homestead. But after going home, he suffered even more. His father wanted him to join family business but he didn’t want that. So he decided to go back to Mumbai. He wanted to do something big but was clueless. He even tried his luck in the acting field and did a few small roles.

One day while sitting on a beach in Mumbai and saw a guy came with the guitar and sat beside him He played some tone and Dino reacted on that music.

He shared the idea with his room-mate and due to the depression he was going through, he got the idea of his first song called Girlfriend and did rapping. The song took him 50 days to write.

His first song GIRLFRIEND got more than 20+ Million views.


Later on, he wrote some other songs like Maa, Kalia, Yaadein, Achi Maza Aayi, Loser, Bhokali and recently. His latest release is the song called Hancock.

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