Do’s and Don’ts If You Are Fasting This Navratra’s to Make MATA RANI Happy-2021



Navratri is a nine-day Hindu festival. Most of the people fast for nine days and perform all the rituals. Navratri 2021 will start from 7 October 2021 and the last Navratri is on 14 October 2021. Here are some of the FAQs regarding what to eat and what to avoid during the nine-day festival if you are on fast.

Q – Can we drink green tea in Navratri fast?

A – Yes, people usually take coconut water, lemon water, tea, coffee, etc.  So green tea can be by those who are on fast. It will help them detoxify their body.

Q – Can we drink alcohol in Navratri?

A – No. It has a scientific reason. Alcohol is considered to be Tamasic food which when consumed generates a huge amount of heat in the body. It causes a lack of focus and concentration. So the fast without concentration is useless.

Q – Can we eat ice cream in fast?

A – Yes. You can have homemade ice cream which does not contain salt and gelatine.

Q – Can we do Navratri fast during periods?

A – During periods, a few women have low blood pressure which can increase fatigue. And if you have mood swings, you might not be able to perform the rituals properly. So it is better to avoid fasting when you are on your periods.

Q – Can we smoke in Navratri fast?

A – Yes, you can smoke during the Navratri fast but it is advisable to avoid it as it cause health issues.

Q – Can you eat meat during Navratri?

A – No. Meat is not acceptable in our Hindu religion. But most of the people these days are non-vegetarians. So we would suggest you avoid eggs, chicken, meat and other non-veg foods during Navratri.

Q – Can we drink cold drink in fast?

A – Yes, you can drink cold drink but we advise you to prefer water over it as water will keep you hydrated during the fast. You can have other beverages like tea, coffee or juices that will provide you some nutrients which the cold drink won’t give.

Q – Can we eat gajar ka halwa in fast?

A – Yes you can eat the fresh and yummy gajar ka halwa made from carrots, milk, ghee, sugar, and some dry fruits.

Q – Can we eat ginger in Navratri fast?

A – Yes, you can eat ginger in your Navratri fast. Only onion and garlic are a strict no.

Q – Can we cut our hair in Navratri?

A – As per our Hindu religion, it is believed that getting the hair cut or shaving during Navratri makes Goddess Durga angry. So avoid cutting your hair during this time.

Q – Can we drink coffee in Navratri fast?

A – Yes, you can drink coffee during Navratri fast. You can also have tea, coconut water, lemon water, and fresh juices.

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