Do’s and Don’ts This Navratri for Making Maa Durga Happy-October,2021



If you are fasting this Navratra’s for harmony and peacekeeping in mind these few things to make Maa Durga happy, eating few wrong food may spoil your fast. Please read carefully the article.

The Few Points that Should Be Kept in Mind This Navratra’s are Below:-

Q – Can we eat capsicum in Navratri fast?

A – No. Capsicum cannot be consumed during the Navratri fast. It is pungent so it must be avoided. Similarly, cabbage and cauliflower also must not be eaten.

Q – Can we eat haldi in Navratri fast?

A – No. You cannot eat haldi (turmeric) during your Navratri fast as it is not considered to be a sattvic (pure) food.

Q – Can we eat ragi flour in Navratri fast?

A – No. The grains like wheat, rice, semolina, gram flour, corn flour and millet flour like ragi and peas should not be consumed during Navratri fast.

Q – Can we eat oats during Navratri?

A – No. You cannot eat oats as it is also a grain like rice and wheat. So it must be avoided.

Q – Can we take medicine in Navratri fast?

A – Yes, irrespective of what medicine is made of, one must not avoid taking the medicine. Just make sure that if the pills have to be taken after eating something, have some milk, coffee or fruits before it.

Q – Can we eat a tomato in Navratri fast?

A – Yes, one can definitely eat tomatoes. They are one of the sattvik foods so there is no harm in eating them.

Q – Which vegetables can be eaten in Navratri fast?

A – The vegetables that are considered to be sattvik food and can be consumed when you are on fast are potatoes, sweet potato, pumpkin, raw banana, raw papaya, bottle guard, tomatoes, ginger, lemon, cucumber, carrots.

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