Female Foeticide in India: Social Evil that Needs to be Crushed!!

female foeticide in india


Data and Information related to Female Foeticide in India.

In India, sex ratio is 943 and child (0-5 years) sex ratio is 919 . Sex ratio tells the number of women in every 1,000 men.

According to the decennial Indian figures, the sex proportion in the 0 to 6 years group in India has increased from 102.4 males per 100 females in 1961 to 104.2 in 1980, to 107.5 in 2001, to 108.9 in 2011.

Child sex proportion is within the common natural range in all eastern and southern stations of India, but significantly raised in certain western and especially northwestern states such as Haryana, Jammu, Kashmir and Maharashtra (118, 120 and 116, as of 2011, respectively). The western states of Rajasthan and Maharashtra 2011 poll found a child sex proportion of 113, Gujarat at 112 and Uttar Pradesh at 111.

Obviously, according to the figures written above, the number of small girls in India is very less. There are several reasons for this:


1. Girl’s foeticide

2. Girl’s murder.

3. Ignoring the girl child’s after birth.

4. In some Indian families, boys are often given more importance than girls.

5. Girls are considered weak and in many places it is a believed that girls can not help financially at home.

6. Dowry practice continues to flourish in many parts of the country, due to which parents see girls as a burden.

7.Illegal use of gender identity technology Fetus killing is not just a legal offense but it is a mishap according to every religious


1. Abortion centers should be identified and they should be brought under the purview of law. There are illegal abortion centers in many places which need to be closed.

2. One suggestion is that gender identity must be made mandatory before birth. This work is possible with the help of Asha and Anganwadi workers in rural areas. In such a case, if someone assures a fetus, it will be easier to catch it.

3. According to the laws made to stop foeticide, strict punishment and harsh punishment should be given to the people who do such kind of offence, and common people shall be informed about it, so they may have a fear of being punished by law.4. With the help of print media, social media, etc., national level sensitization and awareness camps shall be ran.

4. Awareness should be spread in ways like street play in rural areas, because these types of play reach to common people and effect them much better.6. Government shall work hand in hand with social awareness organisation to further increase it reach.7. Government schemes, such as giving financial benefits to girls’ education etc. are also beneficial in this area.’

In a country where people worship Goddess Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati ji i, it is shameful that practice like embryo killing is still prevelant . It has also been found that by increasing the participation of women, there will be an increase of 60% in the country’s GDP. In this way, every Indian should take the a vow that he/she will contribute to the national campaign against the feticide. Only then will our dream of becoming a world master will be meaningful and achievable. read more about female foeticide in India here


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