Goa Liberation Day 2021- Independence Day celebration of Goa on 19 December, 2021


Goa Liberation Day, noticed each year on December 19 in India, is viewed as one of the main days throughout the entire existence of Goa. Situated at around 250 miles south of Mumbai, Goa is probably India’s littlest state and was already under Portuguese belonging for around 450 years. The Goa Liberation Day is a festival of the day Indian military liberated Goa from Portuguese principle on December 19, 1961. The day is likewise especially significant for perceiving the accomplishments Goa has made lately, achieving achievements in the travel industry area and keeping up with its situation as having the most noteworthy per capita pay among every one of the states and association regions of India.


Goa Liberation Day is tied in with commending the independence of Goa from the Portuguese. Goa is a state on the south-western shore of India inside the district known as the Konkan. It is lined by the territories of Maharashtra toward the north and Karnataka toward the east and south, just as the Arabian Sea toward the west. Its capital is Panaji, which lies on the north-focal bank of the central area region. Subsequent to being liberated from Portuguese belonging, it turned into a piece of India in 1962 and was authoritatively perceived as an independent country in 1987.

On August 15, 1947, when India acquired its autonomy, Goa was all the while disintegrating under 450 years of Portuguese principle. The Portuguese were among quick to colonize portions of India and wouldn’t surrender their hold over Goa and other Indian domains, even following India’s Independence.

Following a horde of fruitless arrangements and conciliatory endeavours with the Portuguese, the previous top state leader of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, concluded that tactical intercession was their main choice. The 36-hour military activity, directed from December 18, 1961, was code-named ‘Operation Vijay’ signifying ‘Operation Victory,’ and involved assaults by the Indian naval force, flying corps, and armed force.

During the notable second, Indian soldiers recovered the Goan domain with little opposition, and General Manuel António Vassalo e Silva marked the certificate of surrender. 451 years of Portuguese standard in the area formally reached a conclusion and the region was reclaimed by India on December 19, 1961. Be that as it may, the activity impelled blended reactions universally at that point. However many commended the move and upheld India, others, including Portugal, reprimanded the Indian powers’ “invasion” of Goa.

Presently, Goa Liberation Day is set apart by a plenitude of occasions and merriments in Goa. A torchlight parade is touched off from three unique areas in the state, at last all gathering at the Azad Maidan. This is the place where a recognition is made to the individuals who lost their lives in the takeover of Goa. Different social projects like Sugam Sangeet — an Indian melodic sort with verse in the Kannada language — are likewise held to respect the event.

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