Happy Children’s Day 2019: Wishes, Images, WhatsApp Status, Facebook Messages, Photos, Greetings


NEW DELHI: Children’s Day is celebrated every year on 14 November. The birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of the country, is celebrated with pomp across the country as Children’s Day. Children used to call Jawaharlal Nehru affectionately as ‘Chacha Nehru’. Seeing Uncle Nehru’s love for children, he celebrates his birthday as Children’s Day. On this day special programs are organized in the school. In which some children give some speech and presentation.

Happy Children’s Day 2019: Wishes, Images, WhatsApp Status, Facebook Messages, Photos And Greetings

Children are like clay. They take the form you give them. May you give them an inspiring form and encourage them to inspire others. Happy Children’s Day 2019.

Children are the hope and future of tomorrow. They must be loved, cared and nurtured.
It’s like taking care of a plant that can reap fruits for all when it grows to become a tree. Invest in your children. Happy Children’s Day!

Love can give wings to your child. Just give them love and support and see them blossom. Happy Children’s Day!

The bright, young, energetic souls who can effortlessly bring a smile on your face. A day dedicated to pamper them some more! Happy Children’s Day!

My beautiful children, you have completed me and I feel protective and protected in your company. Love you loads. Happy Children’s Day!

To the parents of all the wonderful children, you are the source of light of tomorrow. Have a joyous Children’s Day with your kids! Happy Children’s Day 2018!

My brightest shining star, may you get all the stars in your kitty. Love you, my child. Happy Children’s Day!

May your children keep lighting up your lives and achieve great success. Happy Children’s Day to you!

Not just the sky, may the space beyond the sky be your limit. Shine high, shine bright, my superstar. Happy Children’s Day 2019.

Time is an asset best spent on children. All they ask from you is your time and what you get in return is great joy and unconditional love. Happy Children’s Day!

A child fills up your life with so much warmth and care that there is absolutely nothing more you want. Happy Children’s Day!

Children are like the colours of a rainbow. Bright and beautiful. Just a look at them is enough to show how beautiful this world is. Happy Children’s Day!


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