Happy Guru Purnima 2019; Quotes, Wishes, Greetings and SMS



Happy Guru Purnima 2019; Quotes, Wishes, Greetings and SMS

Celebrated every year on the full moon day in the long stretch of Ashadha of the Shakha Samavat by the Hindu schedule, this year Guru Purnima 2019 is good to go to fall on July 16. The target of this celebration is to elevate enthusiasts to express their gratefulness towards their masters. Hindus all around the globe praise this event by demonstrating their appreciation through messages, statements and blessings.

So as individuals are good to go to observe Guru Purnima this Tuesday, we bring to you a gathering of rousing statements by some noticeable characters:

Guru Purnima Thought

Be Grateful towards who
Met you with yourself
Wishes on guru purnima
Happy Guru Purnima

May guru’s blessings
Always shower on you
Wish you a very Happy Guru purnima

Today is the day to be grateful towards whom you learn from
Wishes on guru purnima – Happy Guru Purnima!

Guru is Aspiration,
Guru is Inspiration
Happy Guru Purnima
Be devoted to Guru
on this holy day and always
Happy Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima Messages

Guru Govind dohu khare
Kake lagoo Paye
Balihari Guru Aapki
Govind diyo bataye
Thanks for being my Guru!

As you walk with the Guru,
you walk in the light of Existence,
away from the darkness of ignorance.
You leave behind all the problems of your life and
move towards the peak experiences of life.
Happy Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima Wishes

When it comes to teaching .. you are the BEST.
Happy Guru Purnima!!

The Guru is like dynamite because he has exploded in 360 degrees
and he has the capacity to create that same explosion of enlightenment in each and every one. When you are around a living Master,your potential to experience pure,eternal bliss.Happy Guru Purnima to you and your family.

Guru and God both appear before me.
To whom should I prostrate?
I bow before Guru who introduced God to me.
May Gurus blessings always shower on you.
Happy Guru purnima!

Guru Purnima Greetings

A Guru takes a hand, opens a mind, and touches a heart. Happy Guru Purnima

You have been my living inspiration Giving me lessons of truth and disciplineWishing you joy and happiness on Guru Purnima

Worshipping the feet of the Guru is the ultimate of all worships” – Sri Guru Pranam

Guru Purnima Quotes in English


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