Happy new Year 2020 Unique Gift Ideas and Items

Unique Gift Ideas 2020


It’s December 2019! Last month of the year, which means we are leaving behind 2019 and stepping in 2020. Ending of a year and starting of a year should be well celebrated with friends and family and at the end of the year one should end this year on a good note with everyone, so to celebrate new year’s eve one can spread happiness by gifting their near ones by happiness.

New Year Unique Gift Ideas

  1. New year calendar:

One of the best gifts one can give to their family and friends on new year is calendar of the upcoming year which can make their life easy as they will be able to make their plans easily, they can plan their vacations properly as they will be knowing the scheduled holidays and whenever they will check the calendar they will remember you and your best wishes.

  1. Dry fruits:

One of the most healthy and useful gifts is set of dry fruits which will help the receiver to maintain good health in the upcoming year as dry fruits are rich in fiber content and are high on antioxidant which detoxify ones body in this era of pollution. And it also maintains a status symbol.

  1. Sweets& cake:

New year is not less than a festival and sweets are evergreen in all occasions, no festival is completed without sweets and many combos are available in the market such as Cadbury celebrations gift boxes, nestle gift boxes, farrerorosher gift boxes, etc. one can gift these stuff to their friends and family and can add extra pinch of sweetness to their friends and family.

  1. Wine:

Best way to celebrate an occasion is to raise a toast for an occasion, which is possible by gifting your friends and family a bottle or crate of wine such as Sula is the best example of gift able which are pocket-friendly and very presentable and a very sophisticated gift.

  1. Bedsheets and bed covers:

One of the famous and reasonable gifts is bedsheets and bedcovers which are very useful on a daily day to day bases, it is pocket-friendly and companies like Bombay Dining and decore are famous for such kind of gifts.

  1. Crockeries:

Crockeries are also very famous for the purpose of gifting. Single plates, crockery sets, flower wase, dinner set, cutlery sets, set of wine glasses and showcases are crockery gifts one can give to one’s friends and family.

  1. Silver ornaments

One of the best gift to give someone is silver ornaments such as silver rings, silver chains, silver coins, silver statues, etc. it is a very elegant gift and also maintains the status symbol of the one who is gifting. It is a very precious gift that spreads love and best wishes to ones family.

  1. Dream catcher:

It is commonly said that one should not buy a dream catcher on there own, so it is the most suitable gift one can give to some, dream catcher is the symbol of good fortune and it is one of the best-suited gift to start ones year.

The above mentioned gifts are best suited to gift our near and dear ones which will add extra happiness to their new year.



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