Happy Republic Day 2022: Images, Wishes, Wallpapers, Quotes, Status, SMS, Messages, Photos, Pics, And Greetings

Republic Day Wishes


Republic Day 2022 is here. While you celebrate the January-26 national holiday with your loved ones at home and watch the grand 71st Republic Day parade, think about the revolutionary leaders and brave Indian soldiers who struggled immensely to make India a republic. On Republic Day, reflect on the keywords of the Preamble to the Constitution of India – Justice, Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity and hope that India always lives by these principles. Our nation – with different climates, languages, castes, religions, food habits, clothing, and festivals – is able to thrive because there is a sense of belongingness to this vibrant democratic nation of ours. Our identity is Indian and that thread connects us all. Just drown in the patriotic fervour, reflect upon India’s values and celebrate the Republic Day 2020 with your family and friends.

Republic Day Images 2022 Quotes, Status, Wishes, Wallpapers, SMS, Messages, Photos, Pics, And Greetings

Maa Tujhe Salaam. Happy Republic Day 2022.


Republic Day 2022: Ganatantra Diwas ki haardik shubhkaamnayein!

Freedom is our birth right, but was snatched away from us,
Our nation earned this freedom after making great sacrifices,
Let’s never take it for granted! Happy Republic Day!

Let’s salute the sacrifices made by freedom fighters and soldiers who made us realise the dream of an independent and unified India. Happy Republic Day!


Republic Day 2022: Images you can share.

Ae watan, meri jaan hai tu… Republic Day greeting to you and your family.

Freedom is our birth right, but was snatched away from us, Our nation earned this freedom after making great sacrifices, Let’s never take it for granted! Happy Republic Day!


Republic Day 2022: Wishes to share with loved ones.

Aazaad bharat mein jeete hain hum,
Aage badne ka khwab bhi dekhte hain hum,
Bharat phir se sone ki chidiya ban jaaye,
Aesi kaamna karte hain hum!
Gantantra diwas ki hardik shubhkamnayein!

May we always have freedom to choose, freedom to live and freedom to dream…

On the 71st Republic Day, let’s pledge to nurture our India with love, compassion and dedication. May our country always prosper and flourish. Happy Republic Day!


Republic Day 2022: Pics, Photos of 71st Republic Day.

It swells my chest with pride that despite so many diversities, we Indians are tied in the bond of togetherness! Saluting our motherland on 69th Republic Day! Bharat Mata Ki Jai!

With my heart swelling with pride, I wish you a very happy 71st Republic Day. Jai Hind!


Republic Day 2022: Patriotic quotes to share on Republic Day.

Justice, Equality, Liberty and Fraternity.. Saluting the pillars of our great Indian Constitution. may our tricolour always fly high! Happy Republic Day!

May this Republic Day be a glorious one for you.


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