Happy Tamil New Year 2021: Puthandu Vazthukal Wishes & SMS


India has festivals in abundance. The festivals are so frequent that the celebrations never stop. After Assam celebrated their New Year, it is now time for the Tamilians for their New Year to begin. As agriculture in primary industry in India, these regional New Year festival celebrations mark the beginning of Hindu Solar calendar. It takes place during Springtime and marks the onset of Summer. On Wednesday, April 14, 2021, Puthandu or Puthuvarsham or Tamil New Year will be celebrated which is the first day of the Hindu Calendar.


Puthandu is the first day of the Tamil month Chithirai. People celebrate the day with enthusiasm. They decorate the big trays with auspicious and pious things like jewellery, fruits, raw rice, etc., and they perform a ritual known as Kanni. They wear new clothes on the day, prepare sweets and visit temples to offer prayers to God. They pray for their near and dear ones to have a happy, peaceful and prosperous new year. Devotees worship to Lord Brahma who is believed to start the creation of the universe on that day.  Women prepare Kolam patterns on the entrance of their houses. Kerala also celebrates the day as their new year and the festival is known as Vishu in that region and also in North Indian states, it is celebrated as Baisakhi.

Puthandu is not merely a state festival but the Tamil community celebrates the day all over the world including Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and Mauritius.

Happy Puthandu Wishes, Quotes and Greetings with HD Images are Below


Puthandu Greetings 2021


Tamil New Year Wishes 2021


Puthandu Wishes 2021


Puthandu Wishes in Tamil 2021


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