Haryana’s Statesman(BJP) serving the nation against the pandemic outbreak! Check It Out!


Amidst the global pandemic, when people are busy criticizing the efforts of the government and blaming each other for the losses occurring worldwide, there are people #CORONA WARRIORS who are working on the frontline, battling the novel COVID-19. They are performing their duties 24*7 despite the risk of Coronavirus pandemic, just to ensure that the world gets rid of the widespread epidemic as soon as possible.

When everyone is sitting home and hoping for the things to be normal, the unsung heroes of the nation, the policemen, the doctors, nurses, the delivery boys, the cleaners, the security personnel, etc. are working to contain the Coronavirus. They have been tirelessly working to deliver their essential services to guarantee everyone’s safely everywhere. One such Hero is Dr. Col. R. S. Rawat.
A veteran doctor, an ex-Army man, a social worker, holding a respectable position in Haryana’s ruling Bhartiya Janta Party, has been on his toes since the pandemic flared up in the nation. Despite living in a metropolitan city for over 25 years, Dr. Rawat chose to work for the people of a small town where he was born.

His love and respect for his roots have urged him to work for the betterment of his people and society for over 20 years. When asked about the feeling he gets when he provides free consultation and medicines to the needy, his smile said it all.

The pleasure of working for poor people and performing the real duties of an Indian Army man is what makes him bridged to this small town and not to the opulent lifestyle he has in Gurgaon.
These are what the real heroes are. A big salute!

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