How to choose a Conveyor System for your Business


Regardless of the product either a mobile phone or an aircraft, the assembly process will require a combination of manual and automated transfer operations. The simplest way to find the answer to your need depends upon two factors: production volume and product life cycle.  If a product has low or uncertain production volume and a short life cycle is suited for a manual transfer operation but on the other hand, if a product has high, stable production volume and a long life cycle then it should require an automated transfer solution.

The time when expected volume and product life makes automated transfer necessary for an assembly operation then the work of choosing the right conveyor system begins. But the very important question arises here what benefits do we expect from an automated, conveyor system?

The automated transfer is generally implemented as the costs of manual transfer is too high and variable or the manual transfer operations are not sufficient with the increased volume. It also improves the working environment by reducing the safety hazards, better access to materials which led to an increase in productivity and quality. If we go into the deep analysis we also compare product and process requirements to come to the decision.

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