How to Make Girl Fall For You On Your First Date


Hey Folks! Want to impress a girl but are clueless about what to do? Here are the best 7 psychological tips to impress a girl by your charm.

Subtly mirror her body language –

Mirror Your Partner

When you take a girl on a date for the first time, try to mimic her. By mimic, we don’t mean to just copy her but when you mirror her, it will make her feel protected. Like if she touches her hair, you also set yours or if she smiles, you also smile at her. It makes you both attach sub consciously and you won’t even know that the girl will like you more.

Try to impress people around her –


Most of the relationships break up due to the people around us. Like our best friends might not like our boy/girlfriend. And we always take our besties seriously because of their opinion matters. So instead of impressing the girl only, try to charm her friends as well. When you meet them, respect them. All these things are noticed by a girl and her gang. So try to be a gentle and a kind man.

Comfortable eye contact –


This is nothing new but a cliché that you must look into someone’s eyes to look more confident and build up trust. But boys are very conscious about eye contact. They are confused about how and when a guy should look into a girl’s eyes. So here is a trick to make the perfect eye contact with a girl. Those who make less eye contact seem to be less confident and it takes away all the good impression. But if you make more eye contact, it is a sign of intimidation. This also gives a wrong sign to the girl. So instead of looking into the eyes, look into the area between both the eyes. It will make your gaze soft and make the girl more comfortable.

Don’t touch her in a friendly way –


If the girl you are trying to impress is from your group, that is, she is one of your friends, don’t touch her in a friendly way. But this doesn’t mean that you just hug her aggressively or cuddle her. Also, do not pat her back or shake hand with her or show other friendly gestures. This will make her consider you a friend only. So if you want her to take you as someone special, gently touch her shoulder softly like a gentleman. These non-verbal gestures speak a lot about your feelings. With this, she will look up to you as someone who respects women.

Dress well and always wear a watch –


Whenever you take her on a date, make sure you dress up really well. You should wear something that shows off your shoulders well. The clothes should fit you well. So make sure you don’t buy loose T-shirts as loose clothing might make you look hunching and odd. The way the guys notice hip to waist ratio in a girl, the girls notice the shoulder to waist ratio. Secondly, always carry a watch. When you will look at the time, your girl will get conscious and will want you to stay for long. Third, always stand straight and confident with shoulders upright and chin up.

Listen to her carefully –


This is something the guys make mistakes at. When you are with your girl, bring up something that she told you in past. Like if she told you about some incident or some friend or anything, bring it up when you see after a couple of days. This will make her feel that she is important to you and you listen to every single thing she tells you. She will genuinely like you more with this. So always look interested when she talks and smile. Also, ask some follow up questions to make the conversation more interesting.

Don’t be available all the time –


99% of the guys make this mistake. When a girl calls and asks you to catch up, don’t just rush. Don’t be overly available. When someone likes you, it is important that they miss you. After your first meeting, take a gap and then plan out your next meeting. If she meets you regularly, you are always available and she doesn’t have the time to think about you, to miss you. If she asks to see you three times, meet her just once. Get value and let her want you more.


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