How we can pay DTC Bus fare through Metro Card?

How to use Metro Card in DTC Buses


Now, Delhi commuters can now use their Delhi metro cards in DTC buses from August 24, 2019, after the state ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) announced this new scheme. In fact, NOW commuters can change among various modes of public transport using the Delhi Metro card.

Along with Delhi Transport Corporation buses, the Delhi metro card will also work in cluster buses and will now be called ‘Common Mobility Card‘.

How to pay DTC Bus fare through Delhi Metro card?

Once you board the bus, give your smart card (Delhi Metro card) to the conductor. Tell him where you want to go. The conductor will swipe it on the card reading device. He will then give you a copy of the paper ticket, which will have the serial number of your metro card and the remaining balance in it.

How to get the Delhi Metro smart card?

You can buy a smart card from the (CSC) customer service counter at the nearest Metro station.

All metro stations have the customer service counter is different from the token counter. The token counters are located away from the entry-exit automatic gates in an open area and normally have long ques.

The customer service counter is adjacent to the entry-exit gates.

You just ask for the card and pay Rs 150 or 200. The card fee is Rs 50 and Rs 100/150 is the value you get. After that minimum recharge is Rs 200.

At large metro stations, there could be a special counter. The customer service counters deal with all kinds of odd requests and problems which normally arise at the entry or exit.

The users/visitors can view all the Top Ups done as he transacts and can use his Debit/Credit Card or Net Banking or wallet (Paytm) to pay online for an instant recharge. The easy steps are

1. Enter the amount and card information.

2. Secure pay through Payment Modes (Debit Card/Credit Card/Net Banking/Wallet).

3. Go to AVMs installed at all DMRC Metro Stations (Including Airport Express Line) near EFO(Excess Fare Office)/Customer Care.


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