Interesting and Funny WI-FI Names to Choose From


 The moment you bring home a new router, interesting and funny names for the network service set identifier (SSID) start popping up in your head. An interesting name not only makes it easy to pinpoint your network but can serve as a topic of gossip when friends come over. It can also be a great source of hilarity for people who randomly browse for nearby networks and see yours in the list. Lol!

We have found out some of the best Wi-Fi names that you can use for your router. Have a look and let us know which ones you like most!

Cool and Creative Wifi Names List

  1. Dad use this one
  2. Home LANister
  3. The Ping in the south
  4. Police Headquarters
  5. Howz the JOSH
  6. Painkiller
  7. STOP
  8. Si-Fi
  9. History of the LANs
  10. FBI Surveilance Vehicle 2
  11. Parental Control
  12. Enter Password
  13. Incorrect Password
  14. Illuminati
  15. The Mafia Connection
  16. 404 Connection Invalid
  17. No Free wi-fi Cash or Ass
  18. Connecting With your Mother
  19. Eat Shit
  20. Protection Must
  21. Durex wi-fi
  22. What the Fuck
  23. Dickhead
  24. Try Me
  25. Turn me ONN
  26. Wolf of the wifi
  27. Wireless Fidelity
  28. Unable to Connect
  29. Get Topless
  30. Call 911
  31. SOS
  32. Nothing for Free
  33. You Won’t Make IT
  34. Secured By NAFIA
  35. Whitehouse
  36. Bring booze and chick to 303
  37. Join and Die
  38. Wifi Gangbang
  39. I am Hard
  40. Bin Laden ONLINE
  41. Access Denied
  42. My Dick
  43. Free Virus Distribution
  44. Virus Detected
  45. How about NO
  46. Please Enter Your Creditcard No
  47. Get naked for Access
  48. Hackers Found
  49. Psst Fuck off Bitch
  50. Sex Male or female

Tips to be kept in mind while setting the right Wi-Fi name:

Whether you decide to go with one of the SSIDs suggested by us or something out of your own creativity box, there are a few important facts that you should consider:

  • Try to keep it quirky but indelible.
  • Never include your personal information like your name, address, phone number, date of birth, apartment number etc.
  • Never choose the SSID which is related to its password.
  • Avoid annoying names as you might become a prime target for hackers.

How to change your Wi-Fi name?

Once you have chosen your favourite Wi-Fi name, it is time to change the network SSID.

1. Log In to Your Router as Admin

Each router manufacturer has its own unique admin panel software, and the overall login procedure is quite similar for all the routers.

Open Command Prompt from the Start Menu and type in the ipconfigur command. In the results that show up, find Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi and look for what is labelled as Default Gateway. This is the IP address of your router.

When you type the IP address into the address bar of a web browser, you will see your router’s admin login page.

Usually, or should work.

2. Change your router name

Once you have logged in, take a look for the navigation bar.

Search for WirelessWireless NetworksWi-Fi or Wireless Settings. Click it and you will be able to change your router name.

Type the new SSID and click SAVE and you are done!

So now that you know how to be the BOND, be the BOND!!


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