International Help For India Against Covid-19 – Know The Countries Coming Forward


The situation of the Covid-19 in our Country is widely known across the world, apparently, the other nations have come forward to unite with us in this Covid-19 havoc. Resulting in global efforts to send urgent life-saving supplies to support the Indian health system which includes critical equipment including oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders, electric syringe pumps, and therapeutics for the treatment of covid-19 patients and save the lives of our people.

The situation in our country seems to worsen due to the lack of medical supplies which led to the rise in cases for Covid-19 patients and thus a global effort is required to fight this deadly threat. So countries have come forward to contribute, Italy has sent an emergency medical team, an oxygen production plant, and oxygen cylinders, and Uzbekistan delivered 100 oxygen concentrators. Other countries, Russia, France, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom have sent medical supplies, ventilators, and oxygen concentrators to aid the Indian health system.

World Health Organization (WHO) has come forward with 4000 oxygen concentrators, protective equipment, mobile field hospitals, and laboratory supplies to better the situation here. Soon, high-performance and multipurpose tents with WHO-trained staff are expected to support the health authorities to handle the situation.

With this global effort and medical supplies from different countries across the world, we really hope that soon the situation would be under control and a positive result will surely come.

Below is the list of countries whose efforts are helping us to fight the Covid-19

  • Belgium: 9000 doses of antiviral medicines.
  • Czechia: 500 oxygen cylinders.
  • Denmark: 53 ventilators.
  • France: 28 tonnes of medical equipment. The French shipment included eight large oxygen plants, 28 ventilators, and 200 electric syringe pumps.
  • Germany: 15 000 vials of antiviral drugs, 516 ventilators, and 1 oxygen generator.
  • Greece: waiting to be sent: 90 oxygen tanks with a total capacity of 440 litres, as well as protective equipment through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.
  • Ireland: 700 oxygen concentrators, 1 oxygen generator, and 365 ventilators.
  • Italy: an oxygen production plant, oxygen cylinders, and an EMT. The EMT’s main focus will be to provide and install an oxygen plant and provide COVID-19 patient management.
  • Luxembourg: 58 ventilators.
  • Netherlands: 100 oxygen concentrators, 30 000 vials of antiviral drugs, and 449 ventilators.
  • Portugal: 5503 vials of antiviral medicines, and 20 000 litres of oxygen per week.
  • Romania: 80 oxygen concentrators, 75 oxygen cylinders, and 20 high-flow oxygen therapy machines.
  • Russian Federation: oxygen concentrators, ventilators, and other medical supplies.
  • Spain: 119 oxygen concentrators and 145 ventilators.
  • Sweden: 120 ventilators.
  • United Kingdom: oxygen concentrators and ventilators arrived 2 May.
  • Uzbekistan: 100 oxygen concentrators as well as antiviral and other medicines.

We are really thankful for this life-saving support made by these nations in this difficult time.

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