International Migrants Day 2021: Importance of the day


International Migrants Day 2021: Every year, December 18, is celebrated as International Migrants Day. The day was appointed by the General Assembly of United Nations on December 4, 2000. 

International Migrants Day 2021: Migration has been a daring articulation of the singular’s will to beat trouble and to carry on with a superior life. The demonstration of moving starting with one area then onto the next is vital to human instinct. Today this demonstration is still extremely predominant on the grounds that it has set out difficulties and open doors for social orders all through the world.

In any case, this year, because of Covid-19 pandemic migrants are excessively impacted through employment misfortunes, removals and segregation.

“The pandemic can’t be blamed so as to rollback responsibilities to advance and ensure the privileges of migrants paying little mind to their legitimate status. It can’t turn into a reason for the expanded utilization of detainment, frequently in packed conditions, and the constrained return of migrants to their nations of beginning without fair treatment, by and large disregarding global law. Individuals moving expectation for a more promising time to come. It is our aggregate liability to make a more secure, stronger world,” said the UN organization.

Movement is one of the significant ideas at the core of globalization. In this manner, to feature the job, commitments and difficulties looked by global transients consistently International Migrants Day is noticed.

International Migrants Day 2021: Date

Consistently, December 18, is praised as International Migrants Day. The day was delegated by the General Assembly of United Nations on December 4, 2000, considering the huge and expanding number of migrants on the planet.

“On this International Migrants Day, let us take advantage of the chance of the recuperation from the pandemic to execute the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, rethink human portability, empower migrants to reignite economies at home and abroad and assemble more comprehensive and strong social orders,” said UN Secretary-General António Guterres.

International Migrants Day 2021: Theme

Every year, International Migrants Day saw around a particular topic. The International Migrants Day 2020 subject is Reimagining Human Mobility.

On this International Migrants Day, here are some moving statements that you can impart to your loved ones or on your online media record to advance mindfulness about the issues and difficulties looked by the migrants.


“Migration is an expression of the human aspiration for dignity, safety and a better future. It is part of the social fabric, part of our very make-up as a human family” -Ban Ki-moon
“We can’t deter people fleeing for their lives. They will come. The choice we have is how well we manage their arrival, and how humanely.” -Antonio Guterres
“We cannot and should not stop people from migration. We have to give them a better life at home. Migration is a process, not a problem.” -William L. Swing
“Remember, remember always, that all of us, and you and I especially, are descended from immigrants and revolutionists.” -Franklin D. Roosevelt
“History in its broadest aspect is a record of man’s migrations from one environment to another.” -Ellsworth Huntington


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