Iran vs USA: Rage of war

Iran vs Usa


Rage of war: Iran Vs. U.S.A

Iran, also called Persia, and officially the Islamic Republic of Iran. As Iran’sHistory says there are a lot of wounds that time and other states has given to Iran, as U.S.A  invaded Iran in 1988, claiming that it was retaliation for the Iranian mining of areas of the Persian Gulf as part of the Iran–Iraq War and ones again history has repeated itself and again Iran has been exploited by the major powers of the world but this time Iran is ready to back answer with the same rage of war; so the spark of war between Iran and U.S.A started when Obama government accused  Iran to build it’s nuclear power secretly, a lot of economic sanctions where applied on Iran which completely shook Iran’s economy as It’s economy is completely dependent on exports of oil and they don’t have much forest reserves which caused real crisis for Iran but in 2015 U.S.A and Iran came to an agreement which The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) which is also known as Iranian nuclear program. JCPOA was signed between Iran and five permanent members of UN, in Australia which states:

“Iran agreed to roll back parts of its nuclear program in exchange for relief from some sanctions”

After the treaty the state relations of Iran and U.S.A were pretty good until Trump government stood up and started accusing Iran for supporting and funding terrorist groups with these accusations all five countries stepped out of the JCPOA treaty which lead to imposition of all the economic sanctions on Iran by U.S.A which again disturbed the economy of Iran, this tension was going on between the two nations when Iraqinvited Iranian major general QasemSoleimani of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps on an official notice but he was assassinated on 3 January 2020 it was drone strike near Baghdad International Airport, Nine other passengers were killed alongside Soleimani, including the deputy chairman of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) and commander of Kata’ib Hezbollah, Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis which U.S.A claims to be terrorist now both the countries are boiling with anger mainly Iran and U.S.A also claimed that they will attack Iran’s 51 places plus cultural sites which in international politics means writing an invitation to war, it is predicted that this clash of anger between the countries could lead to a full-fledged war and it could be as bad as an indication of World WarIII.

On this issue, India has given a neutral reaction which says: countries should maintain peace and should avoid war by signing treaties and by negotiations.

The whole world is in serious confusion and tension and is trying to prevent the war as war cause nothing other than loss of life and property.

Will this fire of war would burn the world into ashes or this fire will calm down and provide warmth to the world in this scorching winter.


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