Is Remdesivir a Sanjeevani Booti?- What else we should know about Remdesivir


During the havoc of Covid-19, when hospitals are running short of oxygen supply, Remdesivir appears to be the only effective medicine to save the life of Covid-19 patients. That’s why everybody is trying their best to grab this drug for the critically ill family members which have also led to the black marketing of the Remdesivir as well.

But not everybody knows that the use of Remdesivir without proper consultation could worsen the health of the covid-19 patient. So first, we should have proper knowledge of this drug before opting for it for our closed ones. It is suggested for covid patients who have moderate progressing towards the infection. Though it is effective in the severe and critical cases of covid-19 it could also damage the liver cells of the patient. A WHO study also suggested that it fails to prevent deaths but may reduce the duration of the hospitalization.  So it should be given to the patients who have asymptomatic or severely ill and have suffered multi-organ dysfunction. It should be given to the patient on the second and tenth day of the infection to improve its effectiveness under professional supervision. Ideally, the six doses over five days (first day 200mg followed by 100mg for the next four days), and should not be overused as it may worsen the health.

As there is confusion about the usage of the drug, authorities also provide new guidelines for Remdesivir to the private hospitals as well as doctors to slow down the unnecessary usage of Remdesivir and also stop the black marketing of the drug.

If any hospital prescribing the drug for the patient then also have to give it in writing about the shortage of the Remdesivir at the hospital which allows the family member to buy it elsewhere.

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