Is RT-PCR test compulsory to travel in different states of India? Find out yourself the regulations made by the authority.


The second wave of COVID-19 has hit India which made the state governments introduce new rules for arriving passengers. In some states of the country, you require to take a test before you fly while in others you will be tested on arrival at the airport. ICMR– approved labs have advised travellers to not fore grant their tests to the last moment as it would be better to get tested 72 hours prior to air travel.

Below is the list of guidelines for arrival across the Indian States in case you are planning to travel in the Pandemic for any reasons. We would also like to suggest you check with your airline and official sources for the latest information as these are subject to change at these desperate times.


You should have Aarogya Setu app on your phone before entering Chandigarh and register yourself on the COVA Punjab app as well. You will be required to fill a Health Declaration form and undergo thermal screening on arrival.


As the number of COVID-19 is rapidly growing across the country, all passengers coming to Delhi will be subjected to a random sample collection on arrival. After the sample collection, you can exit the airport immediately but a home quarantine is mandatory for seven days. If your result turns out positive you are requested to quarantine at home or hospital.


There are no quarantine or COVID test requirements in Goa on arrival.

Andhra Pradesh

The Spandana website is compulsory for the registration of passengers on arrival in the state and should have the Aarogya Setu app. Also, the travellers will undergo a thermal screening on arrival at the airport.


The thermal screening and a COVID-19 swap test are compulsory at the airport on the arrival of travellers. An antigen testing facility is available at Guwahati airport for the same. In case you turns out positive, you will be shifted to a COVID facility and if the antigen test comes negative then an RT-PCR test will be performed to confirm the result. You can receive the RT-PCR results within 60 mins at a cost of Rs. 2,200/-.


A negative RT-PCR report is mandatory from an ICMR approved lap for travellers before entering the state and shouldn’t be old than 72 hours, excluding children below the age of 12 years. In another case, you will undergo a COVID test and wait for the results for 6-7 hours. Exceptionally in Surat, you have to fill an online Nove Corona Self-reporting Form and download the SMC COVID-19 Tracker app.

Himachal Pradesh

No COVID test or quarantine program is required for the Travellers to enter the state.

Jammu & Kashmir

RT-PCR test is mandatory for all the travellers and advised to go under home quarantine for 14 days if tested positive.


A negative RT-PCR test from an ICMR approved lab is mandatory not more than 72 hours old, for all the arriving travellers from the following states of Kerala, Maharashtra, Punjab and Chandigarh.


Should have an e-pass registration on Kerala Covid-19 portal and download the Aarogya Setu app. Home quarantine is recommended for 14 days whereas symptomatic travellers will have to go for Covid test on arrival except for business, trade, medical and court purpose as long as they are registered on the portal and have an e-pass. You also require to submit your itinerary, local accommodation and a contact person.


All travellers require a negative RT-PCR report and shouldn’t be 96 hours old. Otherwise, a seven days quarantine and a COVID test mandate. In case of a positive report, you will be sent to the COVID facility for further treatment.

Madhya Pradesh

Only for travellers from Maharashtra, arriving in Indore or Bhopal would require a negative RT-PCR report from an ICMR approved lab which shouldn’t be more than 48 hours old. Indore-311 app is downloaded for self-isolation monitor. This rule doesn’t apply to travellers from other states and UTs.


Travellers coming from NCR/Delhi, Kerala, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Goa should have a negative RT-PCR report which shouldn’t be more than 72 hours old. In case you doesn’t have one then you will go under test at your own expense.


RT-PCR negative report is a mandate which shouldn’t be more than 72 hours old. You should also require to generate your unique e-invite on the state’s official portal.


A COVID negative report not more than 72 hours old before arrival is mandated. Otherwise, you will undergo a 15-day quarantine and symptomatic travellers will be taken to the health facility. For Udaipur, you require an RT-PCR report to even book a hotel room.

Tamil Nadu

You can get an auto e-pass here before entering the state, and for Coimbatore International Airport, you should have a negative RT-PCR report not earlier than 72 hours. In case you don’t have one you will be tested free of cost there on arrival except for travellers from Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Pondicherry. For Maharashtra and Kerala, you are suggested home quarantine for seven days and for other states 14 days quarantine is required.


A negative RT-PCR report, not more than 72 hours old mandates, else a free COVID test will be done for all the travellers arriving from Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, Karnataka, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Rajasthan. For Kumbh Mela visit in Haridwar you require to register on the state website in advance.

Uttar Pradesh

Travellers from Kerala and Maharashtra should have a negative RT-PCR report from an ICMR approved lab which shouldn’t be 72 hours old. A 14 days home quarantine is required for all the passengers unless you are there for seven days only.

West Bengal

A negative RT-PCR report is required for Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka and Telangana people which should not more than 72 hours. All travellers require a 14 days home quarantine.

These guidelines are correct to the best of our knowledge, however, you are requested to please contact the concerned authorities before making any travel in the country. Please Avoid any unnecessary travels, Stay home stay safe.

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