Just Got Rhino Pro Lift Kit Installed in Maruti Gypsy (Honest Review)


Hello folks! I hope everyone is safe and healthy from the Corona Virus. Recently I realized the need for lifting my Gypsy and adding some more comfort to it.
I started my research on the best solution for giving a lift to the vehicle and adding more comfort. I came across a lot of products available in the market, big brands and Mayapuri stuff also but I wanted some good performance kit but yes budget was a constraint so I wanted something in my budget.

The main problems with stock setup-

  • The front tyres used to touch the fenders thus causing damage to tyres.
  • The ride quality was very harsh.
  • Steering felt a bit heavier after upsizing to 215/75R15.
  • In case of sudden braking, the rear tyres used to lock.

Then I saw a post on social media regarding a product named Rhino Pro Suspension Parts. It is a new product so was not sure about the performance, I called Mr Danish Ameer and got a chance to drive his Gypsy which was equipped with the Rhino Pro kit and believe me there was a huge difference between mine and his Gypsy. The landing was smooth on speed breakers, the handling, body roll everything was just perfect. So I decided to go for Rhino Pro.
Got my kit which included 4 shock absorbers, 4 shackles and complete set of PU Bush kit and one sticker too. The build quality is very impressive.Got the kit installed next day and the Gypsy behaved a lot smoother.

Changes I noticed-

  • The vehicle was smooth on bad urban roads and gravel.
  • The landing after speed bumps was a lot soft. No jumping of the rear end.
  • Crossed some obstacles, no contact between tyres and body.
  • Yes, the centre of gravity was disturbed but there was minimum body roll.
  • Steering felt a lot lighter.

And yes, vehicle is now taller and looks more aggressive.

The complete setup costed me 20k plus 2k for leafs re-tensioning and labour. Special thanks to Mr Danish Amer for manufacturing such a great product.


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