Latest Cellular 5G Technology Causing Electric Shocks to People- What is happening?


Apparently, people around are enjoying the newly introduced 5G Internet speed at its best around the world for both business & personal reasons benefits. All the credit goes to the telecommunication industry and their experts that they have brought the fastest speed which connects us around the world on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and enabled the data speed to its peak for video and picture sharing for individuals & media industry. Undoubtedly, 5G Internet will do much more than just improve your network connection by creating new opportunities in the other industry based on the telecommunication sector.

Advantages of 5g Internet in the Up Coming Time

Ever since the announcement for the arrival of 5g internet speed, there are speculations that it would be advancing societies by improving safety and sustainability like smarter electricity grids and vehicles sharing data. The 5G Internet will be the foundation for the flexible, efficient and responsible business for production lines, digital replicas, and logistic networks also. It will elevate our experience in VR, AR & XR with lighter devices with its contribution to the entertainment and education sector. We have yet to experience the sensory devices, virtual meetings and reliable connectivity properly at our workplaces to boost our productivity.

Effects of 5G internet on Human Health- Is 5G Internet Bad for Health?

Whenever there is any accomplishment in technology there are also several conspiracy theories introduced as well. As 5g runs on the radio frequencies that have been used for previous telecommunication platforms like smartphone, Wi-Fi networks and satellite there are so many misconceptions about the latest technology present over the internet. It is said that the 5G Internet is bad for health as it increases cancer risk, cellular stress, and genetic damages in the human body because of the exposure to RFR (Radio Frequency Radiation) on which our cellular technology works. There are studies done on the 5G Internet cellular technology focusing on its effect on human health as it employs millimetre waves through cell antennas exposing people to millimetre wave radiation. But lately, certain Electric shock incidents have been experienced by people while touching things are shared on social platforms which has created panic around over the internet itself. People are saying it is happening because of the exposure of the human body to RFR, thus resulting in electric chocks while touching things around them. However, nothing officially has been said from any industry expert or concerned Government body for the same, but we ourselves should not come to any irresponsible conclusion about the 5G internet as it will only raise the panic between us. The least we could do is study proper facts from responsible agencies and then share them with others.

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