Life is Boomerang! What You Sow, You Reap. #KARMA

Concept of Karma


Everyone has heard of Karma but most of us think it to be fate, which is wrong.

So did you ever try to find what Karma actually is?

When you understand the true meaning of Karma, it can be used as a powerful instrument throughout your life.

Go ahead and find the real meaning of Karma and Karma philosophy.

As per Buddhism, Karma definition is – Karma is an action and not a result. One can change their life at any time by changing their acts. 

Karma theory has nothing to do with one’s destiny. If a person has done negative, it doesn’t mean that something negative has to happen to him. Your Karma is based on your acts and thoughts that are intact in your mind.


In Buddhism, karma is an energy created by your actions, thoughts, words, and deeds. Each one of us is creating karma every minute through our actions and it affects our personality. Usually, people think that karma is something related to what you did in your last life, which decides your fate in your present life but this is not true. Some say that Karma means that people get what they deserve.


How people developed this wrong concept of Karma?

People always wish to transform karma into a sort of machine that pays them back instantly. But if we learn to live life in the present moment and discover our true self, we will actually understand what karma is and we will see the results soon.

Karma is a kind of energy which is generated by our thoughts and actions. The energy we create around us will always affect us. Karma has nothing to do with any reward or punishment rather it is unbiased. It is you who can control it.

How to transform karma into energy?

Life always teaches you and makes you experience whatever is helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.

Our actions and thoughts are creating energy around us all the time. The energy is positive or negative, depends on how you react. If one reacts with anger all the time, you have negative energy accumulating in your mind but if you react with peace and calmness all the time, you are acquiring a positive mind and soul.

When a kid is born, mental qualities and emotions are seeded in his brain. Qualities like anger, joy, discontent or harmony will be the flowers that sprout from the seeds. Depending on your actions and emotions, you’re either watering the good seeds or the bad ones. These seeds will at the end grow into flowers. The energy these flowers have is our karmic energy.

This karmic energy will be conditioned in our thoughts and that is how we react in our daily lives.

The awareness and understanding of the meaning of Karma give us the ability to choose which seeds we water and which we don’t. Without understanding, we do not have a set thought process.

To use karma as a force or energy for our personal and spiritual development, you need to first understand the actual meaning of Karma and then identify your karmic force. Then you can work on energy that holds you back. Thus we can let go of the mental stress and pressure we carry all the time and can take control of our life for good.


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