Longest Road on Earth for Travelling (Pan-American Highway)


We all love to travel & visit new places, and recently it has become more of a flue, of course in a good sense. You open your Instagram or Facebook account and see everybody you follow or in your friend list is uploading photos or videos of their latest trips every day. For some, it has become more of a job than a pleasure to visit undiscovered places and share the experience with us. Some travel with family & friends while others prefer solo trips not only in the country but across the world to different countries. Travelling through aeroplane and train are the conventional ways now as people have switched to cars and bikes, while some travelling enthusiasts chose to roam on bicycles and even foot also.

Amidst all the travelling mania across the globe, where professionals and enthusiasts are travelling to different countries to create memories and record for themselves, I have come upon an interesting fact which is about the longest road on earth for travelling. There are already people who have travelled from India to other countries in Europe but the thought of the joy of discovering the longest road on earth is enough to give Goosebumps to anyone. Well, the name of the road is the ‘Pan- American Highway’.

The Pan-American Highway has been registered as the longest road on the earth crossing the American Continents and has its length of 30,000 km in ‘Guinness World Records’. It covers countries like Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and a lot more in its way. Although the longest road of the planet covers some of the developed countries in its way it would be difficult to say anything about the condition and safety for the travel purpose for an individual as it follows different climates of dense jungles to arid deserts and barren tundra.

Being a Solo traveller I myself could feel the thrill and excitement to roam on the Pan-American Highway road trip but doing it alone is very dangerous there undoubtedly. However, who knows soon we get to see someone amusing us and creating history in the near future by travelling on the longest road on our planet. I suggest when you embark on the Pan-American Highway route map then one should have proper guidance for travelling the pan American highway.


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