Meet “Bhima ” A great attraction of Pushkar Mela 2019

pushkar fair 2019 bhima


A buffalo of 15 crores remains the biggest center of attraction in the Pushkar fair 2019 held in Pushkar, Rajasthan. The name of this buffalo is Bhima. According to the information received by our correspondent, the price of buffalo is being said to be around 15 crores. This is because in 6 years this buffalo has achieved a complete good stature.

Its owner Jawahar Jahangir said that this buffalo of Murra breed weighs about 1300 kg. Its food and drink cost about one and a quarter million rupees every month.

A diet of Bhima eats about one kilo of ghee, about half a kilo of butter, honey, milk and cashew-almonds every day. About 1.25 lakh is spent on its heavy food everyday. Apart from this, it is also massaged with one kg of mustard oil.

The history behind Pushkar mela

It is believed that Lord Brahma, the creator of the world, performed a Yagya in Pushkar for 5 days from Ekadashi to the full moon of Kartik month. During this, 33 crore deities were also present on the earth. For this reason, five days from the Ekadashi of Kartik month to full moon in Pushkar have special significance. It is said that this month all the gods reside in Pushkar. Due to these beliefs, the Pushkar fair is organized. In olden times, devotees used to bring animals along with them due to a lack of resources. He gradually became recognized as an animal fair.


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