Oxygen cylinders for Covid-19 Patients- Find the Cities where the Oxygen Cylinders are available


Amidst the pandemic, there has been a shortage of oxygen cylinders in the hospitals which have spread panic across the country. No doubt doctors are trying very hard to handle the situation but they are also feeling helpless by the insufficient supply of oxygen cylinders in hospitals. God knows when this second wave of covid-19 will end but we all could do least on our part by keeping ourselves safe and sending valuable thoughts.

Below is the latest information regarding the availability of Oxygen Cylinders for us.

Please inform the NGO hotline numbers to ensure the availability of oxygen supply in advance.

Hemkunt Foundation (Gurgaon & Mumbai) – The Gurgaon-based NGO has been helping the people during the pandemic. Regardless of the working hours, they have been standing available in Gurgaon to distribute free of cost oxygen cylinders. The patients should have proper documents and the oxygen level below 80% for the oxygen cylinders. The NGO is also distributing oxygen cylinders at Versova Gurudwara to help people in Mumbai city.

Contact no- 08700013641.

Mayapuri Industrial Area, Delhi– The company’s owner Mr. Abhishek Gupta understands the need of the hour and the emergency of the oxygen cylinders. He has come forward in the delicate time to help the patients of Covid-19 by providing oxygen refills in Mayapuri Industrial Area for free of cost. You can go there with the empty oxygen cylinders to refill for free as the plant has a capacity of 21 tonnes and aid with 14 tonnes per day. They have also coordinated with the Delhi Govt. to help the cause so that the requirement of oxygen can be fulfilled without any interruption.

Unity & Dignity Foundation, Mumbai-The NGO is founded by Shahnawaz Shaikh and helping the cause by supplying oxygen cylinders to the patients since the pandemic has begun. Last year they have supplied 6000 cylinders from their centre in Malvani to the people around. Even today they are working around the clock to fulfill the requirement of the patients so that no one should suffer due to the deficiency of the oxygen cylinders.

Contact no- 9892012132

Sakina Foundation, Hyderabad-The NGO is working for the cause by providing free of cost oxygen cylinders in the city for all sizes. As the demand for oxygen cylinders is tough to meet because of the rise in the patients of Covid-19 but they are working tirelessly to help people around. They have spent Rs. 10 Lakhs to buy Oxygen cylinders to fulfill the requirement as they receive more than 200 calls for the need of oxygen as there is only 3000 oxygen cylinder available only.

Contact no- 9885178688, 8008008012.

Madhya Pradesh– This is an attempt made by five friends to help the people affected by Covid-19 in Indore, Ujjain, Barwaha, Kasrawad, Mandsaur, Shajapur mainly. They have distributed more than 4000 oxygen cylinders to Corona Patients to date to help the cause in the State. This initiative is taken by Kamal Juneja, Rajesh Jain, Amarjeet Saluja, Deepak Baba, and Muskan Guru and aims to deliver 12000 oxygen cylinders in near future.

Contact no- 9425900817, 8109490001

Seva aur Sahyog, Ghatkoar, Thane, Navi Mumbai-The NGO is founded by Aditya Chauhan and helping the Covid-19 patients during the emergency. They have a stock of 100 oxygen cylinders to deliver in Thane.

Contact no- 9082597161.

KolkataHemkunt Foundation is helping patients here by supplying free oxygen cylinders in the city.

Contact no- 8700013641.

Here is the list of private institutes that are renting oxygen cylinders for patients-

UNO supply- 9830056776

KSS Oxygen Services- 9674508854

Aryan Oxygen Services- 9007427926

We really hope that this information reaches the people who really need oxygen cylinders and don’t suffer from the lack of oxygen cylinders. You can also forward this information to the people who are looking for oxygen cylinders. 

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