Panipat Bus Stand Time Table Updated by

Panipat Bus Stand Time Table


Panipat Bus Stand Time Table 2021 Updated by

The Full Timetable of Panipat Bus-Stand Is Given Below

DepartureDestinationDeparture Time
PanipatAjmer 05.30 AM
PanipatAligarh 05.30 AM
PanipatAligarh 06.30 AM
PanipatAlwar 05.00 AM
PanipatAlwar 05.30 AM
PanipatAlwar 06.00 AM
PanipatChandigarh 09.00 AM
PanipatChandigarh 10.30 AM
PanipatChandigarh 11.30 AM
PanipatChandigarh 12.00 Noon
PanipatChandigarh 01.30 PM
PanipatChandigarh 08.30 PM
PanipatDehradun 06.30 AM
PanipatDehradun 08.00 AM
PanipatDelhi 05.00 AM
PanipatDelhi 05.30 AM
PanipatDelhi 06.00 AM
PanipatDelhi 06.30 AM
PanipatDelhi 08.00 AM
PanipatDelhi 08.30 AM
PanipatDelhi 02.00 PM
PanipatDelhi 02.26 PM
PanipatDelhi 04.00 PM
PanipatGanganagar 09.05 AM
PanipatHaldwani 09.40 AM
PanipatHaridwar 05.10 AM
PanipatHaridwar 05.40 AM
PanipatHaridwar 07.20 AM
PanipatHaridwar 09.20 AM
PanipatHaridwar 09.40 AM
PanipatHaridwar 10.40 AM
PanipatHaridwar 02.00 PM
PanipatHaridwar 03.00 PM
PanipatHaridwar 04.00 PM
PanipatJaipur 02.26 PM
PanipatKotdwar 06.25 AM
PanipatLudhiana 05.40 AM
PanipatMeerut 06.30 AM
PanipatPatiala 09.30 AM
PanipatRuderpur 10.40 AM
PanipatSaharanpur 07.15 AM
PanipatSalasar 09.50 AM
PanipatSirsa 01.00 PM
PanipatSirsa 03.00 PM

Note:- If you have any query or questions related to bus timings of Panipat bus stand please call on:- 0180-2646544

Know More About Panipat City

Panipat region was cut out from the past Karnal area on 1 November 1989. On 24 July 1991, it was again converged with Karnal area. On 1 January 1992, it again turned into a different area. As indicated by the legend, Panipat was one of the five urban communities (prasthas) established by the Pandava siblings during the hours of the Mahabharata; its notable name was Pandavaprastha (Sanskrit: पाण्डवप्रस्थ, lit. city of Pandavas) Panipat was the location of three vital fights in Indian history. Panipat is first recorded in the Mahabharata as one of the five towns that the Pandavas requested from Duryodhana.

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