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Amidst the Pandemic, when there is a fear around us for the deadly disease there has been an urgent need for Plasma Donors for the Covid-19 infected patients but those who have recovered from the infection are scared too. But this fear should not hold us back from helping the patients who are fighting for their lives in hospitals as you are the only hope.

RJ Abhinav, a content creator is among the few who understand the seriousness of the situation and have come forward to start an initiative for the patients who require plasma for recovery from the disease. He is using his social platform to raise his voice to create awareness among the people who are eligible as plasma donors to come forward and participate in the noble cause without any fear. ‘Project Plasma’ is a Fever Network initiative to motivate the Plasma donors as a superpower of Covid recovered patients to come forward amind the second wave to save the lives of other infected patients.

They connect eligible plasma donors with recipients through their social network to help the cause by saving the lives of patients in need.  For which they have gathered the data of plasma donors to help the critical patients and posted videos, stories about the importance of plasma donation by clearing the suspicions of eligible donors. Of course, they still need to take precautions while doing this noble service but shouldn’t let unnecessary fear stop them to come to hospitals.

If you are an eligible plasma donor who is willing to save the life of a patient who needs your plasma to recover from this deadly virus then you can contact RJ Abhinav’s social page. Also, you do not need to worry to share your personal details as your personal info will be handle responsibly. So please come forward and donate plasma through the ‘Project Plasma’.

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