Police of Mannequins for Traffic Control


Imagine you are stuck in a traffic jam on a signal and then you see a police officer there. But he is not making anybody movement which bothers you and then you notice his face and surprised to find that he is a dummy or a mannequin dressed in a traffic police uniform. I am sure you would burst into laughter but it’s not supposed to be a joke.

Let me tell you more about a real incident where Bengaluru Police took an initiative to supervise traffic rule offenders in 2019. It was an experiment at first to observe public reaction about them at traffic signals, then these dummies were supposed to be installed with spy cameras to track the offending activities of reckless riders or drivers. Although it was an amusing idea but superiors hadn’t felt right about the same and dismissed the project by saying they found it inappropriate and childish. Hence it was crushed on the very beginning level and we never get to see them on road.

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Use of mannequins for Driving Test

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