Pushkar Mela 2019; Interesting Facts About Pushkar Fair Check Here



Pushkar city is located 11 km from Ajmer in Rajasthan where Pushkar Mela lasting 7 days is organized every year on Kartik Purnima. Every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world come to see the fair. The city of Pushkar is inhabited 2000 years ago and is also world-famous for “Pushkar Camel Fair”. Here is the famous “Brahma Temple”, which is dedicated to Lord Brahma Ji (the creator of the universe). The state administration also gives special importance to this fair. The Department of Art Culture and Tourism organizes cultural programs on this occasion. Let us look at some interesting facts about Pushkar fair through this article.

Interesting Facts about Pushkar Fair 2019

1- Pushkar Camel Fair: Camel Fair, which takes place in Pushkar is a very unique fair in itself. It is known as the largest animal fair. Many types of wonderful colours are seen during the fair. Apart from livestock trade, it has become an important tourist attraction which has been attracting many tourists from far and wide. In this fair animals of the best breed are also rewarded, in which camels are the centre of attraction.

2- Fusion Band: Another important aspect of the Pushkar fair 2019 is the amazing fusion of the music band. Here you can enjoy the live performance of many tremendous bands.

3- Matka Phod Competition: Competitions such as “Matka pod”, “Longest moustache” etc. enhance the beauty of this fair. You can also be a part of these fascinating competitions and a kite festival is also organized. Another speciality of this fair is to organize rent. In this, matches are made with local people and foreigners.

4- Hot Air Ballon: Have you ever rode in a hot balloon. It is also given a ride in the Pushkar fair. It is wonderful to see Pushkar’s fair flying high up in the sky, which makes it different in itself.

5- Delicious Food: A trip to Rajasthan cannot be complete without eating Rajasthani. Delicious Rajasthani delicacies like ‘Dalabati Churma’, ‘Gatta ki sabzi’, etc. can definitely be enjoyed at Pushkar fair. The best craftsmen of India also come to Pushkar fair and shopping is also very fierce.

These were some interesting facts about Pushkar fair, after knowing that you will feel like being a part of this fair.


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