Remembering Late Irfan Khan on his 1st Death Anniversary


Last year, on this day we have lost an invaluable gem of the film industry, Irfan Khan, who died on 29th April 2020 due to a Colon infection. He is among those film personalities who will always be remembered not for his work but also for his persona. His memorable slang ‘Kya Bhaiya’ became immensely popular among the youth and later he won not only awards but our hearts as well for Life of Pie, Paan Singh Tomar, Piku, Hindi Medium, Karwan, Lunch Box and other performances made him memorable for us.

Undoubtedly he will always stay in our hearts for his memorable acting and his persona present among his fans. Today on his 1st death anniversary, we are sharing the love and respect present in our hearts for the legend and suggest you can do the same by watching his timeless acts.

Below is the list of films in which Irfan khan acted and gave unforgettable performances-

Paan Sing Tomar, Piku, Karwan, Hindi Medium, Life of Pie


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