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Rewari Bus StandChandigarh05.00 AM
Rewari Bus StandChandigarh06.40 AM
Rewari Bus StandChandigarh08.40 AM
Rewari Bus StandChandigarh10.00 AM
Rewari Bus StandChandigarh19.40 PM

About Rewari

Rewari is a city and a civil chamber in the Rewari area in the Indian province of Haryana. It is situated in south-west Haryana 82 km from Delhi and 51 km from Gurgaon. Rewari might be viewed as the focus of the Ahirwal (Yadav) locale

As per the legends, Rewari was established by the Ahir King Rewat, who had a girl named Rewa (which means star), when she was hitched to Balarama (sibling of Lord Krishna), King Rewat gave way to the city of “Rewa Wadi” as a blessing, which in due time ended up known as Rewari.

For Travellers

Every traveller from Rewari to Chandigarh are requested to please re-confirm the bus timetable at the bus stand once by call:- 01274-256751

For Transporters

Hello all Transporters if you are running your bus service from Rewari to Chandigarh and want to list your business here please contact us at:- 8448800992


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