Roller Conveyor Systems- Types of Roller Conveyor Systems


A wide variety of roller conveyors are available for different purposes in the market but the main types are Gravity conveyors, Chain-driven roller conveyors, and Powered roller conveyors. These systems are very much in use for products with firm, flat bottoms like drum cases, packaged items, and other cargo items. No doubt there are industrial applications for roller conveyors which include manufacturing, order fulfillment, food and beverage processing, machine-building, and other purposes for packaging and printing.

Different types of Roller Conveyors Systems

It is important to know about the rollers and their specific utility before selecting anyone for the use of your business. There are three basic types of roller conveyor systems mostly in use.

Gravity Roller Conveyors

These are the basic form of roller conveyors and works by sliding products down the line made of metal or plastic rollers. As the name suggests, these rollers are gravity-driven and installed usually at an inclination which slides the products from higher to lower point. They are also handled manually in some cases when the whole setup is installed on a level surface. These conveyors are either gravity-driven or manually operated which saves power or any motorization and results in low-cost units. These are also available in different sizes, widths, and lengths, straight and curved paths to get flexibility and performance.

Chain Driven Roller Conveyors

This type of conveyor usually functions by a motorized tangential chain which differs them from gravity rollers as they are manually operated units. These conveyors are designed into side frames which provide direct drives and slip drives for accumulation. It also makes them successful in industrial use.

Powered Roller Conveyors

These are advanced types of rollers that are operated by power and concluding the name power roller conveyors. The reason behind power integration is that it helps to propel the product down the line. Their functioning is designed like one in nine rollers is powered by an internal motor which is linked to the non-powered rollers with a series of O-rings. These conveyors are best for smaller and lightweight products designed with multiple independent conveyor segments which allow the smart functionality to stop and start at convenience.

So these are the basic types of roller conveyors for different domestic and industrial purposes which are commonly in use. This depth of knowledge would definitely help you to find the best suited for your purpose. But there is Tej Autosystem Pvt. Ltd. in IMT, Faridabad who has been dealing in different types of conveyors and other useful products for their clients. They have a long range of products for conveyor belts, roller conveyors, and Assembly work stations for purposes of different types. So you can check Tej Autosystems Pvt. Ltd. in IMT Faridabad for your business.

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