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Wedding season, cold weather, hectic work schedules or boredom with your workout routine? What is your excuse that has thrown you off your fitness goal? That must be any of them, right?

In today’s world, when our desk bound lifestyle is the leading cause of all health-related issues, one must follow some or the other fitness regime. Fitness regime is not only about one hitting the gym, joining aerobics classes or practicing Yoga, but in addition to exercising, one must follow a healthy diet also. On our way to a healthy living, regular exercise contributes only 30% but diet pays 70%.

30 Days Fitness Challenge- TheBlogRill

There are a large number of exercise schedules and diet plans available online but trust me fellas! They are just not going to work if you don’t want them to. If you are hitting the gym six days a week but not eating healthy, you are not heading even a single step close to your fitness goal. But on the other hand, if you are working out twice or thrice a week and maintaining a healthy diet plan, things will work like magic.

I am very much obsessed with fitness, not about having size zero or being skinny but about maintaining a normal BMI (Body mass index). Hitting the gym is a part of my lifestyle for like last five years. But due to unhealthy eating habits, I gained a little extra weight and my BMI was disturbed from what I had maintained it at. It was a very serious matter for a freak like me. I tried the 15 days’ boiled egg diet plan available online which assert the person to lost almost 10kgs in the said time. But believe me guys, I lost just 2 kgs. I was happy in the beginning but it didn’t work out for me.

30 Days Workout Plan

 I was really disturbed guys and one day, casually, I challenged myself in front of the gym trainer that anyhow I have to lose these extra kilos. Since that day, I just had the challenge on my mind. I worked out 6 days a week, like I used to, but maintained a healthy diet. So here I am sharing my diet plan (Don’t worry- no crash diet!)

  • Any fruit like apple or orange for the breakfast or 2 boiled eggs (sometimes). 
  • 2 chapatis (with ghee), a bowl of dal or vegetables of your choice (cooked in a little oi), a bowl of curd, a plate of salad.
  • A cup of green tea in the evening.
  • 4-6 boiled eggs for dinner (without the yolk).

Peeps trust me!! You are going to feel the difference in your body in just a week and in 15 days, others will start noticing. This is something I have tried and tested. I dare you to follow it and achieve your desired fitness goal. 


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